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David McWilliams - Keynote Speaker

Book David McWilliams as a keynote speaker. David McWilliams has been ranked 10th most influential economist in the world. He is an economist, author, journalist, documentary-maker and broadcaster. For more information on economics & finance speaker David McWilliams, contact VBQ Speakers founding agent Leo von Bülow-Quirk on leo@vbqspeakers.com or 0044 7833 727090.


David McWilliams

Ireland’s leading economist

Speaker Themes

  • Global macroeconomic trends

  • Financial markets

  • Currencies

  • Europe’s economic outlook

  • The Irish economy

  • The economic implications of Brexit

  • Communicating economics 


Dublin, Ireland



Consistently accurate in his forecasts, David McWilliams was the only economist in Ireland who accurately forecast a strong UK Brexit vote, the Trump victory and the 2008 global crash. 

Ranked the 10th most influential economist in the world, he is Adjunct Professor of Global Economics at Trinity College Dublin. In Ireland he is known as the first economist to identify the Irish boom as nothing more than a credit bubble, warning of its collapse and the consequences for the country. Internationally, he has a reputation as a brilliant public speaker.

David brings economics to life and makes it relevant and understandable to the widest audiences. He is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum, is a regular contributor to Google’s famed Zeitgeist conference and has been named Ireland’s most influential Twitter user. With the objective to make economics easily digestible and fun, McWilliams draws on his unique sense of humour, speaking on trends in growth, currencies, financial markets and geo-politics.

David has written four bestsellers and presented award-winning documentaries. He is very active on social media and the third most widely followed economist in the world with 238,000 Twitter followers. He writes a weekly economics column for The Irish Times and is a regular international contributor to the Financial Times.

He is the co-founder of the world’s only economics festival ‘Kilkenomics‘, an eclectic combination of economics and stand-up comedy, described by The Financial Times as “The best economics conference in the world”.

David has recently launched his new online economics course,“Economics without Boundaries”, and his series of animated economics videos – Punk Economics – has been viewed by over 2,000,000 people so far.

Previously, David was an economist first in the Irish Central Bank and later as Chief European Economist at UBS. He subsequently held the position of Head of Emerging Markets Research at Banque Nationale de Paris.


David is not only a brilliant analyst, predicting events such as the Brexit vote and Trump’s election; he is also a superb communicator of economics, cutting through the jargon to show how it affects each and every one of in the real world.


The cyber opportunity of Brexit (2017)

The economics of food (2012)