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Eliza Filby - Keynote Speaker

Book Eliza Filby as a keynote speaker. Dr. Eliza Filby is an academic and consultant specialising in the values and habits of Generations Y and Z. For more information on Eliza speaker Filby, contact VBQ Speakers founding agent Leo von Bülow-Quirk on leo@vbqspeakers.com or 0044 7833 727090.


Eliza Filby

Expert on Generational Values & Trends

Speaker Themes

  • Millennials, Generation Y and Z

  • The "generation gap" in business and society

  • Consumer trends

  • The future of work

  • The multi-generational organisation


London, UK



Dr. Eliza Filby is a speaker, academic and consultant who specialises in ‘Generational Intelligence’, helping companies and services navigate the complex generational developments within politics, society and the workplace.

Eliza educates companies on long-term generational trends, offering deep insights as well as practical solutions on how business can adapt, not only for Millennials and Gen Z's needs, but crucially across the generations.   

Her aim is to smash some of the misconceptions and generalisations that come with speaking about the generations. Types of questions she addresses includes: Why are the over-50s dominating the Gig-economy? Why do Millennials save the most but invest the least? Why are Gen Z tech-inate but tech-skeptics? 

Eliza has advised companies from private banks to magic circle law firms, from the beauty industry to UK government departments. 


The Generation Gap is becoming an increasingly difficult issue for business.

Eliza's talks dismantle preconceptions and get the audience really thinking about how their organisation can thrive in a world where consumer and employee expectations are rapidly changing.

Her work on Generation Z - the under 20s -  is particularly fascinating. What are their tastes, their habits and values? How do they differ from Millennials? How will they mature as consumers, voters and workers?


Who are Generation Z, and how do they differ from Millennials? (2018)


"Eliza not only has a superb command of the Millennials issue, but is a clear, engaging and witty speaker. She held the attention of a diverse audience of senior wealth and asset management professionals and handled the Q&A in a spontaneous and lively manner. Eliza combines academic rigour with the practical experience of a successful businesswoman. It's a winning combination." 
--- Head of Group Communications, the Pictet Group

"Eliza's Millennials project was both inspiring and enlightening and her findings have been invaluable to Toni & Guy and label.m....we have loved working with her. Each individual involved in the Millennials project came away with an entirely positive outlook and I can truly say it's made our company even more encouraged to continue to succeed." --- Global Creative Director, Toni & Guy and label.m

"Eliza has an exceptional grasp of what is happening intergenerationally - the Gens X, Y and Z especially. She has complete knowledge of her data whilst being an excellent warm communicator." --- Founder of Editorial Intelligence and Fully Connected

"It is a near impossible feat to talk about millennials or marketing without sounding ignorant or patronising. Dr Eliza Filby is fresh, compelling and relevant. She is able to command her audience's attention with ease and her insights leave you questioning everything you thought you knew."