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Moran Cerf - Keynote Speaker

Book Moran Cerf as a keynote speaker with VBQ Speakers. Moran Cerf is a trail-blazing neuroscientist whose work is re-defining how we think about human consciousness, emotion and decision-making. For more information on technology speaker Moran Cerf, contact VBQ Speakers founding agent Leo von Bülow-Quirk on leo@vbqspeakers.com or 0044 7833 727090.


MORAN cerf

trail-blazing neuroscientist

Speaker Themes

  • The neuroscience of decision-making, emotion and engagement, and what this means for business

  • Using neuroscience to improve our performance and motivation

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • The evolving relationship between humans and machines

  • The ethical challenges presented by scientific progress

  • Cyber security and blockchain

Travels From

Chicago/New York, USA



Moran Cerf is a trail-blazing neuroscientist whose work is re-defining how we think about human consciousness, emotion and decision-making. 

He is Professor of Neuroscience and Business at the Kellogg School of Management and at Northwestern University's Neuroscience Programme. He is also a member of the university's Institute on Complex Systems and a visiting faculty member at the MIT Media Lab.

Prior to his academic career, Moran spent nearly ten years as a hacker, breaking into government and financial institutions to test and improve their security. This hacker's mindset has led him to approach neuroscience in non-traditional and novel ways. For example, he works with patients undergoing brain surgery to monitor the activity of individual neurons via electrodes implanted directly into their brain. 

His pioneering research addresses questions such as: "How are conscious percepts formed in our brain?", "How can we control our emotions?", "What determines whether we find content engaging?", "How do our memories shape the way we behave?", “What is the future of Human-Machine interaction?”

Moran holds numerous patents and his research has been widely published in leading academic journals such as Nature and Science. His work has also received wide attention in the mainstream media such as the Scientific American Mind, Wired, The New Scientist, Time, BBC and CNN.

In addition, Moran is a scientific consultant on films and TV shows such as Bull, Limitless, Falling Water and more. He is also a multiple award-winning story-telling champion (The Moth) and the Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Professor at the American Film Institute.  


Moran is a hugely popular speaker, with his talks at TED, Google Zeitgeist, PopTech and DLD receiving millions of views worldwide. 

This is testimony both to his skill as a story-teller, and to his ability for making cutting-edge scientific research accessible to a wide audience.

  • How can advances in neuroscience help improve individual and business performance?

  • What do these advances mean for the evolution of humankind?

  • How should businesses and governments engage with the ethical questions presented by scientific advances?

In addition, Moran can draw on his previous life as a hacker to talk about advances in cyber security and blockchain technology.


"Human 2.0". Moran explains that technology will soon allow us to control extra limbs, communicate via telepathy and even cheat death. Such advances, he argues, could help us understand more fully what it means to be human (TEDxAix, July 2017)

Moran looks ahead at how neuroscience will re-shape business and society in the next 10 years (USI, June 2017)

In this wide-ranging interview, Moran explains how insights from neuroscience can help us unleash our potential (Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, January 2017)

How the field of Neuroscience Marketing is changing business (September 2016)

Moran explains how understanding people's biases can help us build better businesses and better serve customers (Webit, May 2016)

Moran on hacking the brain (PopTech 2012)

Moran explains how neuroscience can inform hacking, and vice versa (2013)