Gavin Esler

Award-winning BBC Journalist and author on leadership

Speaker Themes

  • UK and US politics
  • Leadership
  • After dinner
  • Excellent moderator, chair and conference host

Travels from

London, UK


A well-regarded journalist, presenter and author, Gavin Esler is known for his insight in current affairs. He is one of the UK’s most respected television journalists, regularly interviewing top figures in global politics for outlets like BBC News. 

As well as being a celebrated writer, journalist and speaker, Gavin Esler is an award-winning television and radio broadcaster. For eight years Esler held the position of BBC’s Chief North America Correspondent, reporting on political stories from Washington DC. His career has seen him travel extensively, allowing him to draw on his stories and experiences from across the globe. 

Gavin has also held a number of high profile positions in the media, presenting flagship news programmes such as the BBC’s Newsnight and Hardtalk as well as Dateline London and The Film Review.

A respected writer and author, Gavin Esler’s body of work includes The United States of Anger, which explores politics and discontent in the USA and was highly praised for its analyses of the American dream. Other recent works include Lessons from the Top, which brings together a collection of interviews with world leaders including Bill Clinton, Angela Merkel, King Abdullah II of Jordan and Margaret Thatcher.

Gavin Esler has received a number of accolades throughout his media career including a Royal Television Society Award and a Sony Gold Award for his BBC Radio 4 programme, Letters from Guantanamo. As well as being a BAFTA member, Esler is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. 

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As a speaker, Gavin Esler draws on his time as a top journalist for some of the world’s most respected news platforms. He speaks brilliantly on the politics of the UK and the USA, having spent many years reporting directly from the heart of the action in Washington DC. 

Addressing issues relating to leadership and  business, he has also been very well received by a number of high profile organisations, ranging from law firms to the British Military. With a wealth of intriguing stories, Gavin Esler never fails to entertain audiences. 

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