Joschka Fischer

Former German Foreign Minister

Speaker Themes

  • European integration
  • European security
  • German politics
  • Brexit
  • The refugee crisis
  • The rise of populism
  • The eurozone crisis
  • EU-Russia relations
  • The international order

Travels from

Berlin, Germany


Joschka Fischer was leader of the German Green Party for nearly two decades, and served as German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor from 1998 to 2005 under the Chancellorship of Gerhard Schröder.

His term was marked by Germany’s strong support for NATO’s intervention in Kosovo in 1999 – the first time since the Second World War that German troops had been sent abroad –  and by its opposition to the war in Iraq.

Since stepping back from politics, Fischer has been a prolific commentator on global security issues, especially German politics, European integration (he is a strong advocate for a federal Europe) and EU-Russia relations. 

He has also grown a global consulting business and held a professorship at the Woodrow Wilson School of International and Public Affairs at Princeton.

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Still one of Germany’s most popular politicians, renowned for his charisma, wit and straight-talking, Joschka Fischer’s insights on global issues are as timely as ever.

In the context of the eurozone crisis, Brexit, the refugee crisis, rising populism in Europe, a weakened Merkel government and a resurgent Russia, his perspective on Europe’s future is particularly pertinent. He delivers in flawless English.

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