Keren Elazari cyber security speaker
Keren Elazari cyber security speaker

Keren Elazari

Former hacker turned researcher and cyber security expert

Speaker Themes

  • The future of cyber security
  • Hackers – the immune system of the internet
  • Exponential security
  • Women in tech
  • Biohacking
  • CyberPunk and global hacktivism

Travels from

Tel Aviv, Israel


Keren Elazari is a cyber security expert specialising in hacking and hacker culture. Through her experience as a hacker and researcher, she has developed unique insights into cyber security and its applications for individuals and businesses alike. Whilst recognising the very significant threats cyber crime poses, Keren’s work demonstrates a nuanced approach, one that is also appreciative of the efforts of hackers as testers, activists, and innovators.

Keren has delivered speeches for companies worldwide and has been featured in publications such as Wired, Scientific American, and the Financial Times.

Keren’s 2014 TED talk, ‘Hackers: the internet’s immune system’, was voted as one of that year’s ‘most powerful ideas’, and the book,Women in Tech, where she collaborated with other women demonstrating expertise in various tech fields, is an Amazon best seller. Keren is currently a senior researcher with the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Centre, and is also a visiting faculty member of Singularity University, a Silicon Valley based think-tank which explores the effects of exponential technologies.


Cyber security, and the efforts of malicious hackers and governments, represents a potentially existential threat to businesses. Sophisticated cyber attacks on companies like Netflix and Sony Pictures have shown the increasing need for effective corporate digital security. Keren’s work is pioneering in this field. She highlights the need for an entirely new branch of corporate executive, the ‘privacy professional’, and the employment of ‘friendly hackers’ to act as a digital immune system, strengthening a company’s cyber security infrastructure by exploiting weaknesses in order to fix them.

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