Pascal Lamy

Director-General of the WTO (2005-2013)

Speaker Themes

  • Globalisation
  • International trade
  • European integration
  • Brexit and trade negotiations
  • Macroeconomic trends

Travels from

Paris, France


Pascal Lamy was Director-General of the WTO for two consecutive terms from 2005 to 2013. A committed European and member of the French Socialist Party, Lamy was also Chief of Staff for the President of the European Commission, Jacques Delors, from 1985 to 1994. He subsequently joined Crédit Lyonnais bank as Chief Executive until 1999, before returning to Brussels as European Trade Commissioner until 2004.

An expert on European politics and international trade, Pascal Lamy is currently President Emeritus of the think tank Notre Europe, Chair of the Global Agenda Council on global governance at the World Economic Forum and Chair of the UN World Committee on Tourism Ethics, among many other board positions.

He has also authored several books on global governance, Europe and international trade  including The Geneva Consensus: Making Trade Work For All, which discusses the role of free trade between open markets in a growing global economy. 

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Brexit and renewed US-China tensions are just two of the factors impacting the landscape of international trade.

As a veteran of international policy-making at the highest level, Pascal Lamy is perfectly placed to offer penetrating insights on critical issues of our time. As a speaker, Pascal Lamy uses his platform to address some of the most pressing issues surrounding contemporary global politics and the economy, including:

  • Are we entering an era of de-globalisation?
  • How will Brexit impact the EU and UK?
  • What are the prospects for European integration?
  • Will President Trump’s China policy spark a new trade war?

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