Peter Hinssen

Expert on technology and innovation

Speaker Themes

  • The impact of technology on business and society
  • Leadership
  • Radical innovation
  • Creating innovative cultures

Travels from

Gent, Belgium


Peter Hinssen is a thought leader and influencer in the space of technology-driven innovation, with a mission to help organisations thrive in the 21st century digitalised business environment.

He has written five bestselling business books: The Phoenix and the Unicorn (2020) examines companies that are able to reinvent themselves in cycles; The Day After Tomorrow (2017), is about surviving in times of radical innovation; The Network Always Wins (2014) argues that companies have no choice but to become a network because the outside world has evolved into one; The New Normal (2010) argues that businesses need to constantly push the boundaries of digital technology; Business/IT Fusion (2008) is a guide to solving the conflict between business and technology. 

Peter is also frequently asked to contribute to media outlets. He is a Forbes contributor and a LinkedIn Influencer.

Peter spent 15 years building a series of successful tech startups. His first company, e-COM, was bought by Alcatel-Lucent. His second, Streamcase, by Belgacom. His third, Porthus, was listed on the stock exchange in 2006 and subsequently acquired by Descartes. He has also been an Entrepreneur in Residence with McKinsey & Company, focusing on digital and technology strategy.

Peter Hinssen is a prolific innovation coach as well as a board advisor advising on innovation and tech. He is passionate about what corporates can learn from startups as opposed to the other way around, and emphasises the importance of disruption for organisational success. 

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How can organisations and leaders keep pace with the technologies radically changing the business landscape? The answer, says Peter, is to cultivate flexibility and an innovative culture so as to be the driver – not victim – of change. A globally renowned speaker, his talks show audiences how to think and act like visionaries.

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