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Technology And Creativity - Keynote Speakers

A selection of keynote speakers from our global network on technology and creativity.


Technology & Creativity

A small selection from our global network


Moran is a former hacker turned trail-blazing neuroscientist. His cutting-edge research uncovers the secrets of human decision-making and the possibilities of human-machine interaction.



Ed Cooke is a Grand Master Of Memory and co-founder of the award-winning online learning app, Memrise. He and his team are using technology to push human learning to new levels. A brilliant speaker on the creative possibilities offered by digital technology, Ed can also perform mind-boggling memory feats - like learning a 100 digit number in a matter of minutes - live in front of the audience!

Tony Conigliaro is one of the world's leading mixologist and bartenders. Owner of some of London's best bars, he has pioneered the use of technology to achieve new levels of accuracy and creativity in the world of flavour. Why not have him deliver a talk followed by interactive master class?


Michael Pawlyn is an architect who fuses insights from nature with the latest technologies to create awe-inspiring, sustainable buildings. What can pollen grains teach us about optimising a roof structure? How can a beetle's shell unlock the secret to preventing desertification? Michael's fascinating approach is relevant for any organisation looking to achieve breakthroughs by tackling old problems in new ways