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Zeynep Ton - Keynote Speaker

Book Zeynep Ton as a keynote speaker. Zeynep Ton is a leading expert on how firms can manage their operations to satisfy customers, employees and investors all at the same time. For more information on business speaker Zeynep Ton, contact VBQ Speakers founding agent Leo von Bülow-Quirk on leo@vbqspeakers.com or 0044 7833 727090.


Zeynep Ton


Speaker Themes

  • Organisational culture

  • Employee and customer engagement

  • Operational excellence

  • Sustainability

Travels From

Cambridge, MA, USA



Zeynep Ton is a leading expert on how firms can manage their operations to satisfy customers, employees and investors all at the same time.

She is adjunct associate professor in Operations Management at MIT Sloan School of Management and co-founder of the non-profit Good Jobs Institute (GJI). Prior to this, she was on the faculty at Harvard Business School for seven years. 

In 2014, Zeynep published The Good Jobs Strategy: How the Smartest Companies Invest in Employees to Lower Costs and Boost Profits. Drawing on 15 years of research, she argues that the key to providing good jobs to employees, top service to customers and the best returns to investors is to combine investment in employees with specific operational choices that increase employees’ productivity, contribution and motivation. 

Since publishing her book, Zeynep founded the GJI to help organisations along their good jobs journeys by providing assessments, workshops and long term partnerships.  

Zeynep’s research has been published in academic journals such as Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, and Organization Science, and has also been featured prominently in mainstream media outlets such as The Atlantic, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, PBS, and NPR.  

Zeynep has received several awards for excellence in teaching both at HBS and MIT Sloan. She was also named one of the World’s 40 Best Business School Professors Under the Age of 40 by Poets & Quants.


Zeynep’s pioneering research, distilled into her acclaimed book, provides a variety of counter-intuitive insights to help businesses create better jobs and increase profits at the same time. How can offering fewer products increase customer sat­isfaction? Why does having more employees than you need reduce costs and boost profits? How can companies both standardise work and empower employees at the same time?

Crucially, she shows that creating a human-centred operations strategy, rather than treating workers as interchangeable parts, is critical to 21st century success.


Zeynep speaks about the ideas in her book, The Good Jobs Strategy (2016)

Zeyne speaks on operational excellence and conscious capitalism (2015)