Here, the speaker won’t necessarily prepare a presentation (except perhaps a few brief opening remarks), but will instead respond to questions from an interviewer and the audience.

This is a more informal format, particularly suited to well-known public figures and celebrities. These sessions – often also known as “fireside chats” or “in conversation with…” – are more interactive, organic, and have less of a “top-down” feel to them than a standard keynote speech.

Consider booking a professional moderator or interviewer

The interactive element of a conversation is critical for its success.

You may have someone within your organisation who is skilled at interviewing and moderating. But if you’re not sure, and your budget allows, it’s worth considering whether to book a professional moderator to host the session.

Such moderators are highly skilled at keeping the conversation dynamic and flowing, and asking questions that keep the conversation focused on the issues you want to discuss. Their confidence and professionalism will make both the speaker and audience feel at ease, leading to a much more fertile discussion.