Nick Bostrom

Director, Future Of Humanity Institute, Oxford University
Calum Chace AI speaker

Calum Chace

Expert on the impact of A.I. on business and society
Sweta Chakraborty sustainability speaker

Sweta Chakraborty

Behavioural Scientist and CEO North America of We Don't Have Time
Brian Forde keynote speaker

Brian Forde

Expert on blockchain and crypto-currencies
Hannah Fry keynote speaker

Hannah Fry

Mathematician and award-winning broadcaster
Ben Hammersley futurist speaker

Ben Hammersley

World-renowned futurist and expert on digital technology
Noreena Hertz keynote speaker

Noreena Hertz

Renowned Thought Leader with an Impressive Track Record in Predicting Global Trends
Afshin Molavi geopolitical risk keynote speaker

Afshin Molavi

Expert on global geopolitical risk & emerging markets
Dambisa Moyo keynote speaker

Dambisa Moyo

Best-selling author and expert on global trends
Cathy O'Dowd keynote speaker

Cathy O’Dowd

First woman to climb Everest from the north and south sides
Tim Peake inspirational speaker

Tim Peake

The First British ESA Astronaut To Visit The ISS
Samm Sacks keynote speaker

Samm Sacks

Expert on the geopolitics of privacy and data flows


Taking risks is an important part of success. To take advantage of the upside and manage the downside, it is critical to understand the nuances of the risk and security landscape.

With years of experience in their fields, our network of expert risk management and security speakers will keep you informed of the latest trends, helping you future-proof your organisation and develop effective growth strategies.


Our risk and security speakers bring their expert knowledge and firsthand experience into helping business leaders future-proof their organisations.

What are the biggest threats and areas of risks that businesses need to be on the lookout for? Which threats (both physical and virtual) are businesses likely to come across in the future? How can an organisation continue to innovate and take risks, whilst mitigating any potential downside?

Effective risk management speakers will provide thought-provoking and forward thinking perspectives on core trends within risk mitigation and security, allowing businesses to prepare both for the day to day challenges they face and the future they want to build.

Our global network of specialist risk and security speakers will captivate audiences with their unparalleled level of insight into managing business risks and ensuring every organisation remains protected in the long-term.

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