Daniel Wagner

Prolific Geopolitical analyst

Speaker Themes

  • China’s creation of an alternative global order
  • The future of America-China relations
  • Winning In The Era Of Machine Learning
  • Achieving global risk agility
  • 21st century cyber warfare
  • Cross-border risk management
  • The polycrisis

Travels from

New York, USA


Daniel Wagner is the CEO of Country Risk Solutions and has more than three decades of experience assessing cross-border risk. He is an authority on political risk insurance and analysis and has worked for
some of the world’s most respected and best-known companies, including AIG, GE, the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank Group.

Until the end of 2023, he was Adaptation Finance Lead and Technical Advisor on Private Capital Mobilization for COP28 in Abu Dhabi. Prior to that he was Senior Investment Officer for Guarantees and Syndications at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Beijing and Abu Dhabi.

Daniel has published ten books – Decision-Making in the Polycrisis Era, The Chinese Epiphany, The Chinese Vortex, The America-China Divide, China Vision, AI Supremacy, Virtual Terror, Global Risk Agility and Decision-Making, Managing Country Risk, and Political Risk Insurance Guide – as well as more than 700 articles on current affairs and risk management.

He is a regular contributor to such publications as the South China Morning Post, Sunday Guardian, Diplomatic Courier and Fair Observer, among many others. 

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A prolific analyst of the multiple trends re-shaping the world order, Daniel speaks about international relations and current affairs, China, the polycrisis, decision-making, and cross-border risk management.

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