Dominic Alldis keynote speaker

Dominic Alldis

Orchestral Conductor, Jazz Musician, Business Speaker
Javier Bajer keynote speaker

Javier Bajer

Expert on business culture, leadership and teamwork
Sweta Chakraborty sustainability speaker

Sweta Chakraborty

Behavioural Scientist and CEO North America of We Don't Have Time
Bruce Daisley future of work speaker

Bruce Daisley

Author, The Joy Of Work (2019) Former European VP, Twitter
Giles Duley inspirational speaker

Giles Duley

Inspirational Speaker On Resilience And Leadership
Jon Finn keynote speaker

Jon Finn

Author of best-selling book, The Habit Mechanic
Mo Gawdat future of work speaker

Mo Gawdat

Best-selling author, Solve for Happy Former Chief Business Officer, Google [X]
Ben Hammersley futurist speaker

Ben Hammersley

World-renowned futurist and expert on digital technology
Mark Pollock motivational keynote speaker

Mark Pollock

Resilience, innovation and collaboration speaker
David Rowan technology keynote speaker

David Rowan

Expert on technology trends and corporate inovation

Mike Walsh

Futurist and 21st century business strategist

Learn About Change Management Speakers

Change management speakers specialise in helping organisations navigate and implement change effectively. They often possess expertise in leadership, psychology, organisational behaviour and various methodologies for managing transitions within businesses.

These speakers often blend academic knowledge with practical experience, offering valuable strategies, frameworks, and insights to help organisations adapt and thrive in the face of a world constantly in flux.

Can a Change Management Speaker Add Value To Your Event?

Change management speakers can bring immense value to events in various ways:

  1. Expertise and Insight: They offer deep knowledge and insights into the nuances of managing change within organizations. Their expertise can help attendees understand the complexities of change, providing frameworks and strategies to navigate transitions effectively.
  2. Inspiration and Motivation: Change management speakers often share compelling stories and real-world examples that inspire and motivate audiences. They can ignite enthusiasm and a sense of purpose in dealing with change, fostering a more positive outlook among attendees.
  3. Practical Strategies: These speakers usually provide actionable takeaways and practical strategies that attendees can implement within their organisations. They might share specific tools, methodologies, or approaches that have proven successful in managing change.
  4. Perspective Shift: They can challenge existing mindsets and encourage a shift in perspective regarding change. This can be crucial in breaking through resistance to change and fostering a more adaptive and open organisational culture.
  5. Engagement and Interaction: A good change management speaker often engages the audience through interactive sessions, workshops, or Q&A sessions. This involvement can deepen understanding and help attendees apply concepts directly to their situations.
  6. Long-Term Impact: The insights shared by these speakers can have a lasting impact. Attendees might apply these learnings not only to the current changes within their organisation but also to future transformations, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Popular Change Management Speaker Topics

VBQ Speakers works with experts covering all aspects of managing change within organisations. Our speakers address both the strategic and human elements involved in successful transformations, tailoring their presentations to focus on specific areas most relevant to your audience’s needs and challenges.

Change Leadership

Exploring the role of leaders in driving and sustaining change, focusing on their responsibilities, qualities, and strategies to effectively lead teams through transitions.

Change Communication

Addressing the importance of clear, consistent, and empathetic communication during times of change. This includes strategies for crafting compelling messages and managing resistance through communication.

Managing Resistance to Change

Understanding the psychology of resistance and strategies to overcome it. This includes identifying sources of resistance, addressing fears and concerns and engaging stakeholders effectively.

Culture Change

Exploring how to shift organisational culture to support and sustain change initiatives. This involves understanding existing culture, aligning it with desired changes and fostering a culture of adaptability and innovation.

Digital Transformation

Discussing the challenges and strategies involved in leveraging technology to drive organisational change. This includes adopting new tools, processes and mindsets to embrace digitalisation effectively.

Agile and Adaptive Change

Exploring agile methodologies and adaptive strategies to manage rapid and continuous change in today’s fast-paced business environment. This often involves iterative approaches, quick decision-making and flexibility.

Employee Engagement and Empowerment

Highlighting the importance of involving employees in the change process, empowering them to contribute ideas and fostering a sense of ownership and commitment.

Resilience and Change Management

Discussing resilience-building strategies for individuals and teams to navigate change more effectively, emphasising emotional intelligence and coping mechanisms.

How to Book a Change Management Speaker

At VBQ, we use our decades of experience in the speaking industry to help you find the best expert speakers for your conferences.

If you’re looking to book a change management speaker for your event, here’s an outline of how the process typically works:

(i) The client presents VBQ with a brief including event location, topic and budget.

(ii) VBQ makes keynote speaker recommendations from its global network and additional research, including biographies, video clips, fees and expenses. These recommendations usually include 10-15 candidates. If none of these candidates are suitable, we provide additional recommendations. We never charge a fee for making recommendations.

(iii) VBQ helps the client narrow these recommendations to a shortlist of 3-5 candidates. We then check their availability.

(iv) The client confirms which of the available shortlist they would like to book.

(v) VBQ draws up the contracts for the booking.

(vi) Once contracts have been executed, VBQ works with the client to ensure the logistics and briefing run smoothly, and that the speaker is all set to deliver a great performance!