Anders Indset keynote speaker
Anders Indset keynote speaker

Anders Indset

Rock-star business philosopher

Speaker Themes

  • AI
  • Quantum technology
  • The digital mindset
  • 21st century leadership
  • Creativity
  • Sustainable and regenerative business
  • Business ethics
  • Being human in an era of disruption
  • The future of work & business culture

Travels from

Frankfurt, Germany


Anders Indset is a strategy and leadership consultant, and the author of three Der Spiegel bestsellers: ‘The Quantum Economy,’ ‘Infected Thinking,’ and ‘Wild Knowledge.’ His books have been translated into more than ten languages.

With ‘The Quantum Economy‘, Anders aims to upgrade the capitalistic model and unleash the potential of quantum theory. The Quantum Economy is a plea for more economy, more (rapid) technological development, and more (human) growth, and thus provides a vibrant vision of humane (positive) capitalism.

Anders brings practical background from a decade as a leadership and strategy consultant to fortune 500 companies. He has invested in and founded several companies and is the founder of the investment and consulting firm Njordis and also the co-founder of the business school Global Institute of Leadership & Technology (GILT), where he chairs the practical philosophy faculty.

Through his involvement and investment in one of the world’s leading quantum technology companies, Terra Quantum, and as co initiator of the Global Blockchain Initiative, Anders has a deep understanding of the implications of technological developments. He has published papers on Singularity and on the Simulation Hypothesis with reflections on artificial intelligence and exponential technologies. In his recent publications, ‘The Final Narcissistic Injury’ and “Are we living in a (Quantum) Simulation?” he takes a look at the foundations of technological progress for humanity.

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Anders presents in a variety of styles ranging from his unique thinking-out-loud leadership jam sessions to his inspiring keynotes with sound, videos and unparalleled visuals. Anders’ gigs are all tailor-made to serve target audiences through education, entertainment, and empowerment. He also enjoys interview settings and is a regular panellist.

Anders believes technology is not limited to its answers and possibilities, but to the human capacity to ask questions and think about possible outcomes. In his work, he refers to this as “the art of being wrong” – or simply practical philosophy. Recently, Anders has shared reflections on the social and business implications of exponential technologies as artificial intelligence with ChatGPT/OpenAI and Quantum Technology now becomes mainstream.

His speaking topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Leaders of Change
  • The Art of Being Wrong – How to free yourself from your own certitudes
  • Goethes Leadership Faust – The foundation of leading yourself and others


  • The Quantum Economy – Beyond Digital
  • AI on AI – What Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence can not (yet) do
  • The Second Quantum Revolution – From theory to practice
  • How Near is Singularity Really?


  • The Quantum Economy – Saving the Mensch with Humane Capitalism
  • Coming Capitalism – How to upgrade our operating system
  • Prosperity for Posterity – The Art of Doing Business in the 21st Century

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