Ali Aslan expert speaker

Ali Aslan

Internationally renowned presenter & moderator
Hannah Fry keynote speaker

Hannah Fry

Mathematician and award-winning broadcaster
Noreena Hertz keynote speaker

Noreena Hertz

Renowned Thought Leader with an Impressive Track Record in Predicting Global Trends
Parag Khanna keynote speaker

Parag Khanna

Best-selling author on global trends & strategy
Afshin Molavi geopolitical risk keynote speaker

Afshin Molavi

Expert on global geopolitical risk & emerging markets
Dambisa Moyo keynote speaker

Dambisa Moyo

Best-selling author and expert on global trends
Simon Mundy sustainability keynote speaker

Simon Mundy

Author & Journalist on the economics & politics of climate change
Jeremy Rifkin sustainability speaker

Jeremy Rifkin

Visionary thinker on technology and the environment
Mary Robinson keynote speaker

Mary Robinson

Former President of Ireland; Chair of The Elders; Former UN Special Envoy on Climate Change
Nouriel Roubini economics keynote speaker

Nouriel Roubini

Leading economist who predicted the 2007 financial crisis


More than a decade after the world was rocked by the financial crisis, a range of new forces is shaping the global economic landscape.

Protectionism is on the rise; firms from emerging economies are globalising; businesses have to navigate new regulations and tax regimes; technology is disrupting traditional business models; and firms are having to engage with younger generations that have new expectations of work and consuming goods and services.

Through our global network, we have access to analysts, academics and policy-makers of the highest level, who can discuss both the big picture trends and the shorter term, geographically specific forces that business leaders need to understand. Topics include:

  • Global markets

  • Growth markets

  • International finance

  • The US economy

  • China’s economy

  • The UK economy after Brexit

  • Eurozone outlook

  • US-China trade war

  • Globalisation

  • The financial crisis – ten years on

  • Central bank policy

  • Banking

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