Sweta Chakraborty sustainability speaker

Sweta Chakraborty

Behavioural Scientist and CEO North America of We Don't Have Time
Ben Hammersley futurist speaker

Ben Hammersley

World-renowned futurist and expert on digital technology
Noreena Hertz keynote speaker

Noreena Hertz

Renowned Thought Leader with an Impressive Track Record in Predicting Global Trends
Parag Khanna keynote speaker

Parag Khanna

Best-selling author on global trends & strategy
Simon Mundy sustainability keynote speaker

Simon Mundy

Author & Journalist on the economics & politics of climate change
Tim Peake inspirational speaker

Tim Peake

The First British ESA Astronaut To Visit The ISS
Jeremy Rifkin sustainability speaker

Jeremy Rifkin

Visionary thinker on technology and the environment
Mary Robinson keynote speaker

Mary Robinson

Former President of Ireland; Chair of The Elders; Former UN Special Envoy on Climate Change
David Rowan technology keynote speaker

David Rowan

Expert on technology trends and corporate inovation

Learn About Sustainability Speakers

Sustainability speakers should inspire positive change in the field of sustainability. These individuals are passionate advocates for environmental and social responsibility, making them a valuable addition to any event. 

Whether you’re hosting a corporate conference, educational seminar, or community gathering, understanding the role of sustainability speakers can help you create a meaningful and impactful experience for your audience.

How Can a Sustainability Speaker Add Value to Your Event?

Incorporating a sustainability speaker into your event can elevate the overall experience and deliver lasting value to your audience. 

These sustainability speakers bring a unique perspective on various aspects of sustainability, including environmental, social, and corporate responsibility. 

Here are some ways they can enrich your event:

Inspire Change

Sustainability speakers have the power to inspire individuals and organisations to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives and operations.

Provide Expert Insights

These speakers offer in-depth knowledge of sustainability trends, best practices, and the latest developments, giving your audience valuable takeaways.

Foster Engagement

Sustainability speakers can engage the audience through thought-provoking discussions, interactive workshops, and compelling storytelling.

Enhance Reputation

They can demonstrate your commitment to environmental and social responsibility, boosting your event’s reputation.

Drive Action

Their motivational talks can encourage attendees to take actionable steps toward a more sustainable future.

Popular Sustainability Speaker Topics

Sustainability speakers cover a wide range of topics, catering to diverse interests and industries. Here are some popular categories of sustainability speakers:

ESG Speakers (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

ESG speakers focus on the integration of environmental, social, and governance considerations into business strategies. They discuss responsible investing, ethical corporate practices, and sustainable financial decisions.

Energy and Renewable Energy Speakers

Energy and renewable energy speakers delve into the world of clean energy solutions. They explore topics like solar power, wind energy, energy efficiency, and the transition to a greener energy landscape.

Sustainability and Environment Speakers

Sustainability and environment speakers address critical issues such as climate change, conservation, sustainable agriculture, and eco-friendly lifestyles. They inspire individuals and organisations to make more environmentally conscious choices.

How to Book Sustainability Keynote Speakers

Booking sustainability keynote speakers for your event is a straightforward process that can yield remarkable results. 

Looking for a speaker or host for your conference or event can be stressful, but we’re here to help. At VBQ Speakers, we specialise in connecting our clients with the cream of the crop in sustainability keynote speakers for their events. 

What is the Booking Process?

  • As a client, you will provide VBQ with a brief that includes location, budget, and the approximate topic.
  • VBQ will make sustainable keynote speaker recommendations from its global network and additional research. The research will include video clips, biographies, fees, and expenses. The recommendations usually include about 10-15 candidates. If the client finds none of the candidates suitable, we will provide additional recommendations. We do not charge a fee for making recommendations.
  • VBQ will help the client narrow the provided recommendations to a shortlist of 3-5 candidates. We then check the speakers’ availability.
  • The client confirms the sustainability speaker they want from the available shortlist for their event.
  • VBQ then draws up the contracts for the booking.
  • Once the contracts have been executed, VBQ  will work with the client to ensure a smooth briefing and logistics process.

By following these steps, you can successfully book a sustainability speaker who will add significant value to your event and inspire positive change among your audience.
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