Stefan Hyttfors keynote speaker
Stefan Hyttfors keynote speaker

Stefan Hyttfors

Expert 21st century business strategist

Speaker Themes

  • Sustainability – the business opportunity of a lifetime
  • Artificial Intelligence – when everyone has data completion is about opinions
  • Change management – increased speed of change means a decreased value of experience
  • Gen Z – individualism and diversity in the collaborative society

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Stefan Hyttfors is a world-renowned expert speaker on how innovation, disruptive technologies and behavioural change affects the worlds of business and social issues. His mission is to inspire as many people as possible to embrace effective, lasting change in the internet age.

Stefan started his career as a photo journalist for Expressen, travelling around the world. He then founded his own consultancy, Wenderfalck and studied economics. In 2006 he saw the coming power of social media and focused 100% on digital PR, a very successful strategy which led to several prestigious awards. In 2012, looking to share his insights, he became a sought after business advisor and speaker. 

Stefan Hyttfors believes that the true definition of ROI in the 21st century is ‘Risk of Ignorance’ which is the beginning of a new era. Stefan wants to use his platform to inspire as many people as he can to embrace change and look ahead to the future alongside the power of the internet and emerging technologies.

Talarforum has twice awarded Stefan Hyttfors the Speaker of the Year award due to his challenging and inspiring sessions.

In 2016, Stefan Hyttfors published his first book ‘Yoga for Leaders : How to manage self-disruption in a world of self-destruction’.


The world is changing. The Internet is the biggest game changer of all and it affects all markets. And when markets change, you change or you die.

Stefan Hyttfors’ brilliant keynotes energise the audience to embrace the possibilities of the digital economy and cultivate the techniques and attitudes that will enable businesses to thrive in the disruptive 21st century economy. As a futurist keynote speaker, Stefan Hyttfors speaks about how innovation, disruptive technologies and behavioural change impact the world.

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