Jamie Bartlett expert technology speaker

Jamie Bartlett

Prolific author on the impact of digital technology on society
Sue Black technology speaker

Sue Black

Award-winning computer scientist and social entrepreneur

Nick Bostrom

Director, Future Of Humanity Institute, Oxford University
Calum Chace AI speaker

Calum Chace

Expert on the impact of A.I. on business and society
Cory Doctorow keynote speaker

Cory Doctorow

Leading thinker on digital privacy, surveillance capitalism and big tech
Hannah Fry keynote speaker

Hannah Fry

Mathematician and award-winning broadcaster
Mo Gawdat future of work speaker

Mo Gawdat

Best-selling author, Solve for Happy Former Chief Business Officer, Google [X]
Ben Hammersley futurist speaker

Ben Hammersley

World-renowned futurist and expert on digital technology
Noreena Hertz keynote speaker

Noreena Hertz

Renowned Thought Leader with an Impressive Track Record in Predicting Global Trends
David Rowan technology keynote speaker

David Rowan

Expert on technology trends and corporate inovation

Effy Vayena

Professor of Bioethics at the Health Ethics and Policy Lab, ETH Zürich

Mike Walsh

Futurist and 21st century business strategist

Learn About Artificial Intelligence Speakers

Large Language Model (LLM)-powered technologies such as ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI-driven tools have revolutionised how we think, work, and innovate. They’ve transformed industries from healthcare to entertainment. However, integrating AI into varied business sectors isn’t always straightforward. Each industry presents unique challenges, requiring tailored AI solutions.

Such intricate matters naturally lead to a web of questions, doubts, and concerns. While general AI speakers provide a broad overview, certain discussions demand specialised expertise. For instance, the intricacies of implementing AI in supply chain management versus its role in digital marketing might vary vastly.

Hence, when an organisation aims to delve deep into a particular topic, a keynote speaker becomes essential. These individuals aren’t just experts; they’re visionaries in their domains, equipped to provide insights, forecast trends, and offer actionable strategies. 

Their depth of knowledge ensures that the audience gets not just an introduction but a profound understanding of the subject. In the context of AI, an AI keynote speaker doesn’t merely introduce the technology; they illuminate its potential, applications, and roadmap to harnessing its full capabilities for business growth.

How Can an Al Speaker Add Value to Your Event?

AI speakers can be crucial to your event. Instead of quickly learning everything you can about AI to host your event, keynote artificial intelligence speakers can help. These experts bring many benefits to the table. Speakers on artificial intelligence aim to educate, inspire, and engage the audience. They present complex topics in an accessible manner, ensuring attendees grasp the core concepts and their implications. 

It’s not enough for guests to just hear the information; they need an interactive experience. This is where AI speakers shine, responding in real time to audience queries, ensuring everyone is on the same page. They bridge the gap between complex technology and commonplace understanding, demystifying AI’s intricacies. 

Keynote AI speakers not only offer knowledge but also stimulate thought-provoking discussions. Challenging preconceived notions and introducing innovative concepts can spark creativity among attendees. 

AI speakers play a pivotal role in determining an event’ success. They set the tone, generate enthusiasm, and ensure guests leave with a deeper appreciation of AI’s potential and risks, making the entire experience memorable and valuable.

Popular Artificial Intelligence Speaker Topics

Speakers on AI are not limited to the tech industry alone. They can be applied in many other fields and industries. The following are some popular topics that artificial intelligence speakers can cover:

AI across Industries

We work with AI speakers who can not only provide an overview of the latest developments in AI and machine learning, but who can also delve into specific sectors and discuss how the latest AI innovations are set to impact these particular industries. We’ve worked with AI speakers who have discussed the implications for everything from finance, law and professional services to marketing, automotives, telcoms and food.

AI in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence is already changing the face of workplaces across many industries. There are several branches of AI, and the implication of each varies. Artificial intelligence speakers can enlighten the audience about the benefits and risks of AI in the workplace; they can also help businesses think through how to use AI to engage with their workforce and customers.

Creativity and AI

A creative mind is a powerful tool. However, not everyone knows how to incorporate AI into their creative processes. An artificial intelligence speaker can discuss the intersection of AI and creativity. While AI has caused a lot of anxiety in the creative industries, some argue that it can augment, rather than replace, human capability in these areas. An AI keynote speaker can bring new perspectives on this debate.

Education and AI

Education has evolved and will keep evolving, and even now artificial intelligence is gradually making its way into the educational system. To understand its function better, artificial intelligence keynote speakers can address the potential of AI in personalised learning, data-driven insights for educators, and adaptive educational platforms.

Ethics and AI

AI speakers can shed light on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence technologies, like bias, accountability, transparency, and the effect of artificial intelligence on society and politics.

The Future of AI

No one knows the future, but experts can help audiences think through potential future scenarios. An AI speaker can examine the evolving role of artificial intelligence in an organisation, business, or workplace, and the evolving relationship between humans and machines.

How to Book an AI Keynote Speaker

Looking for a speaker or host for your conference or event can be stressful, but we’re here to help. At VBQ Speakers, we specialise in connecting our clients with the cream of the crop in AI keynote speakers for their AI-focused events. Within an ever-evolving technological landscape, we continually update our roster based on the latest trends and challenges facing businesses today. 

Our global network comprises speakers with hands-on experience, ensuring your audience receives not just theoretical knowledge but practical, actionable insights. VBQ’s strong relationships with speaker agencies across the globe give us an edge in securing top-tier talent for our clients.

What is the Booking Process?

  • As a client, you will provide VBQ with a brief that includes location, budget, and the approximate topic.
  • VBQ will make AI keynote speaker recommendations from its global network and additional research. The research will include video clips, biographies, fees, and expenses. The recommendations usually include about 10-15 candidates. If the client finds none of the candidates suitable, we will provide additional recommendations. We do not charge a fee for making recommendations.
  • VBQ will help the client narrow the provided recommendations to a shortlist of 3-5 candidates. We then check the speakers’ availability.
  • The clients confirm the AI speaker they want from the available shortlist for their event.
  • VBQ then draws up the contracts for the booking.
  • Once the contracts have been executed, VBQ  will work with the client to ensure a smooth briefing and logistics process.

If you are looking for recommendations for speakers on AI for your upcoming event, reach out to us. Contact us to learn more!