Stephanie Baker keynote speaker
Stephanie Baker keynote speaker

Stephanie Alice Baker

Expert on Trust in the Digital Age

Speaker Themes

  • Trust in the age of social media and AI
  • How trust is developed online
  • How social media shapes business and society

Travels from

London, UK


Stephanie Alice Baker is an author and an Associate Professor at City, University of London. She is an expert in trust, technology and influence. She is a passionate learner and speaker about how technology shapes the ways we connect and communicate, as well as who we trust and what we believe.

Stephanie has written numerous articles and books on these topics. She is the author of four books, including Lifestyle Gurus (2020), Wellness Culture (2022) and Cults (2024), which trace the rise of influencers in today’s digital environment in different domains. She is a regular keynote speaker and podcast guest on these issues.

Much of her recent research explores the role of new media technologies in amplifying false, misleading and harmful content online. In 2021 and 2022, she was invited by the UK Parliament to provide oral and written evidence on influencer culture to their Select Inquiry into online radicalisation, terrorism and extremism. She has also been invited by International Government Think Tanks to speak on these issues.

She is a guest speaker, together with public health experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO), on the University of Toronto’s health policy module, Health Communication in the Age of Infodemics.

In addition to her work in the public sector, Stephanie has a strong media presence and is a regular contributor to The BBC, The Guardian, The ABC and The New York Times.

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