Sterling Hawkins

Innovation Expert

Speaker Themes

  • How to innovate effectively, as an individual and an organisation
  • How leaders can inspire innovation and positive change
  • The future of commerce
  • Tech trends and the 4th industrial revolution
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • The future of work

Travels from

Los Angeles, USA


Sterling Hawkinshas become a master of innovation through massive changes and obstacles he has overcome in his own life. From flat broke to selling the first company he founded in 2004, from a broken family business to a successful one, and from fear of public speaking to keynoting at conferences around the world, Sterling’s story is a perfect example of how anyone can take any situation and create anything from it.

As a business leader, entrepreneur investor and futurist, Sterling is an internationally renowned keynote speaker. As a 5th generation retailer and still very active in retail innovation, he has worked with the likes of Stanford, Cornell and the University of Texas to create the future of commerce, and today evaluates over 1,000 innovative technologies annually which are looking to dynamically transform retail and how people fulfil their wants and needs.

He has worked with countless startups, investment groups, retailers, brands and Fortune 500 companies including P&G, Mitsubishi, Zebra Technologies, Stater Bros. and more to ignite innovation and innovative thinking inside their organisations.

Sterling has been seen in Inc. Magazine, The New York Times, ABC Money, Fast Company, Yahoo Finance, Forbes and other major media outlets. Living at the intersection of in-store, online and the 4th Industrial Revolution, Sterling is actively shaping the future by helping others create and respond to innovation in a way that improves businesses, communities and the human condition.


Sterling brings a huge amount of energy to the stage, inspiring audiences to embrace change and discomfort as a key ingredient to thriving as a business – and individual – in the 21st century digitalised economy.

His insights on innovation and future trends are woven together with his personal story of overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

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