Christina Boutrup technology keynote speaker
Christina Boutrup technology keynote speaker

Christina Boutrup

Expert on technology in China

Speaker Themes

  • The Great Tech Revolution: how China shapes our future
  • China and the Green Transition
  • How to win in China: a must win battle
  • The China Factor: climate, growth and global supply chains
  • US and China in a new cold war?
  • Healthtech in China

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Christina Boutrup is a leading China analyst, thought leader and keynote speaker.

Her particular focus is China’s technology revolution, and how Chinese businesses have evolved from being considered “copycats” into being pioneer in critical sectors such as drone technology, AI, healthtech, sustainability, e-commerce, mobile payments and digital currencies.

Christina is the author of several critically-acclaimed books. Most recently she published The Great Tech Revolution: how China is shaping our future.

As a journalist, radio show host and TV broadcaster, she has travelled to most parts of China, reporting on business, economy, environment and social issues for more than 15 years. She has interviewed Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma and closely followed the global expansion of Chinese companies.

Christina is also a member of the China expert panel of the Danish government.


Christina Boutrup is an experienced keynote speaker at high-profile business conferences,  and also has an extensive background delivering seminars and workshops in virtual and in-person settings.

She is in great demand for her deep insights on China, and her nuanced journalistic approach to the Chinese tech revolution.

She is consistently a top-rated speaker, known for her engaging and thought-provoking style no matter if she delivers a keynote speech for 2.500 people or an interactive session with a small leadership team.

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