David “Shingy” Shing

Digital Prophet

Speaker Themes

  • Business transformation
  • Key trends in digital tech
  • Future of work
  • Branding in a virtual world
  • Consumer engagement in the evolving digital landscape
  • Fostering an innovative corporate culture
  • Creativity
  • Digital leadership
  • Employee engagement

Travels from

New York, USA


David “Shingy” Shing, is an Australian futurist, speaker, creative director, strategic digital consultant, and entrepreneur.

Known for his performative persona and bold and polarising moniker, “the digital prophet”, Shingy is a multidimensional creative who specialises in advising clients about inventive and effective approaches to optimising brand value within the digital landscape.

He is passionate about educating big brands about the unique opportunities afforded by emerging digital, social and mobile technologies.

As digital prophet for AOL and then Verizon Media, David Shing worked across both North American and international territories to identify new opportunities for the business, actively change brand perception and assist in building the external profile of the company across the globe. He left the company in 2019 to pursue his own projects.

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David Shing is one of the world’s most-recognisable faces in digital tech, known for his inspiring visions about the possibilities the future holds.

He has spent years travelling the globe speaking to audiences of all kinds, from large plenary sessions to the boards of the world’s leading firms.

He is expert at engaging and inspiring his audiences, and always tailors his content to the host’s needs. In the words of Forbes magazine:

“Artist, globe trotting speaker and market seeker, he is a storyteller who identifies emerging trends, and inspires clients to think differently.”

Here is a sample talk outline to give you a flavour of his approach:

Is Imagination is really more important than knowledge?

We are in a world where over 2 billion smart phones occupy our visual attention. But we have quickly evolved to include other senses that aren’t limited to AR, VR, MR, or RR. How are creatives going to adapt and reinvent in a world of transparent interfaces? A place where sight is now joined with sound and motion? Welcome to hearable, feelable and wearable technology—powered by data, intelligence, sensors and more.

Join Shingy, the Digital Prophet, as he presents his future view of how this impacts consumer behaviour and how we can get the most out of it.

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