Cathryn Posey

Expert on the ehtics of AI & diversity in tech

Speaker Themes

  • AI and machine learning
  • Putting humans at the centre of AI and ML
  • Women and diversity in tech
  • The risks and opportunities presented by tech

Travels from

New York, USA


Cat Posey is an expert on the ethics of AI and machine learning.

She is a senior tech director on the leadership team in the Center for Machine Learning (ML) at Capital One, which focuses on research and strategic innovation initiatives in AI and ML, including the development of tools, technologies, frameworks, and partnerships with industry and academia.

Cat is passionate about finding ways to shift the current dynamics within tech culture so the community can truly be a microcosm of the world and a place where all of its members can thrive. She’s also focused on developing and implementing AI and ML systems responsibly and in ways that put humanity at the forefront.

Cat is also world-renowned as a champion of diversity within the technology sector. She founded the Tech By Superwomen movement to shift the conversation to what works and what matters when it comes to creating a more inclusive tech industry. She is a recognised authority on issues impacting women in technology and an international speaker who has been featured in various national media publications on the subject.

Previously, Cat was the head of strategic partnerships and alliances for the United States Digital Service, a tech startup founded by President Obama to change the technology infrastructure in order to better serve citizens.

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Cat is passionate about creating a world in which digital tech – and in particular AI and machine learning – work for the good of everybody. An innovator and entrepreneur in both the public and private sectors, she speaks brilliantly on the risks and opportunities offered by technology, and the importance of diversity in the sector.

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