Mike Walsh

Futurist and 21st century business strategist

Speaker Themes

  • Disruptive innovation
  • 21st century business trends
  • The future of work
  • Digital transformation
  • The industry 4.0 revolution
  • Corporate culture
  • The 21st century consumer
  • Generation Z & Millennials
  • AI/Cyber/Data
  • Marketing

Travels from

NYC, US / Australia


As a renowned futurist and speaker, Mike Walsh advises businesses around the world on how to thrive in an age of digital transformation and technological disruption. His talks address present-day trends and challenges, while also examining how future developments could impact the growth of businesses across industries.

As a speaker and CEO of consultancy Tomorrow, Mike travels over 300 days a year to research key trends and case studies, and to present to organisations on innovation and the future of business. He has spoken alongside world leaders and some of the great icons of the business world, discussing the topics that matter most to organisations today. Walsh’s career has also seen him set up Jupiter Research in Australia and hold senior roles in strategy on behalf of Asia Pacific at News Corporation.

Mike Walsh is the author of several bestselling books, including Futuretainment: yesterday the world changed, now it’s your turn, which won the design award by the Art Director’s Club in New York. He went on to publish The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas, a compilation of the most radical and game-changing ideas facing the leaders of today’s businesses.

Most recently, Mike published The Algorithmic Leader: How to be smart when machines are smarter than you(March 2019). Here, he sets about answering the questions: what is the true potential of human intelligence in the 21st century?

Mike is also host of the popular weekly podcast Between Worlds, where he interviews cutting-edge thinkers, innovators and troublemakers on the issues facing 21st century business.

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Mike Walsh speaks to global audiences on a range of technology-related topics including data-driven decision making, AI and the importance of agility in business. 

Known for a delivery style that is always fresh and engaging, Walsh’s talks are designed with the interests of specific audiences in mind, aiming to ignite conversations and challenge received wisdom on key technology trends.

As a speaker, Mike Walsh provides companies with the tools and expertise they need to thrive in a world that is changing rapidly, enabling ambitious brands to seize every single opportunity that new innovations present.


“Mike is a very engaging speaker and brings to life the future with stories and visuals in a way that is accessible to both people with a strong understanding of the future as well as those who don’t have the same level of understanding.” —- Deloitte Australia

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