Sophie Hackford futurist speaker
Sophie Hackford futurist speaker

Sophie Hackford

Futurist and tech-industry veteran

Speaker Themes

  • Tech trends
  • AI & Big Data
  • Innovation
  • Anticipating change
  • Exploring new frontiers
  • Business applications of scientific advancement
  • Ethical implications of scientific advancement
  • The metaverse & digital twins
  • Web3

Travels from

Oxford, UK


In her own words, Sophie Hackford likes to “ask big questions about the technologies that are shaping the future…”

Perhaps best described as a futurist, she examines the changing landscape of the world through the lens of technological advancement and development, and asks how these emerging technologies, industries, and applications can, or perhaps should, be deployed, managed, and governed.

Sophie is the co-founder and former CEO of 1715 Labs, an Oxford based company focussing on data and AI development. She also works as an ambassador to Singularity University – a Silicon Valley based venture exploring exponential technologies – as a curatorial consultant to the Victoria and Albert museum, and is an adviser to NOT JUST A LABEL, a pioneering contemporary fashion platform.

Previously, Sophie Hackford worked as a director of Consulting and Education at Wired Magazine, and now spends much of her time as a professional speaker, advising executive teams and business boards about emerging technologies. Sophie has delivered talks to the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference for four years running.

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Sophie’s talks are as diverse as her professional portfolio, tackling issues such as the ethics of autonomous vehicles, the implications of quantum computers, and the business applications of genetic information harvesting. Although the topics are varied, there is a key theme running through Sophie’s talks and her work in general: simpler than the applications of emerging technologies, or the ethics of AI development, Sophie’s talks are about how to harness new possibilities.

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