Thimon de Jong business innovation speaker
Thimon de Jong business innovation speaker

Thimon de Jong

Expert on future business trends

Speaker Themes

  • Innovation & strategic thinking
  • Leadership & business change
  • Digital transformation
  • Millennials & Generation Z
  • Trust in business
  • AI and data
  • Future trends in business and society
  • The future of work

Travels from

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Thimon de Jong is a globally renowned expert on the impact of human behaviour and social change on business.

His insights on socio-psychological trends and cultural evolution help organisations develop robust strategies for thriving in an ever-more uncertain world.

Over the past ten years Thimon has worked as keynote speaker and leadership trainer for organisations such as Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, HP, Ikea, Vodafone, Tetra Pak, Novartis, Kellogg, Merck & Luxottica.

After studying cultural studies and international business, he wrote his Master’s thesis on subcultures and started his working career in journalism.

In his role as editor-in-chief of a youth platform (magazine & website) Thimon de Jong discovered his passion for interdisciplinary people research and started working as a youth and media researcher for Science of the Time and FreedomLab Future Studies.

In 2007, Thimon took the role of Insights and Strategy director for TrendsActive, an international trend interpretation agency. In this role, he travelled the world consulting and presenting to numerous multinational companies. In 2010 he starred as a jury member in The Netherlands’ Best Idea – a primetime TV-show. In 2011 he co-produced an executive programme for decision makers at Utrecht University on the topic of using socio-cultural trends for strategic decision making.

In 2014, Thimon founded Whetston – a strategic foresight think tank focusing on future human behaviour and societal change – and their impact on strategic decision-making.

De Jong is determined not only to inform his audience of research, insights and business cases, but also to provide them with practical strategic take-aways on how to utilise the information and help their business grow.

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Known for his energetic and interactive presentation style, Thimon de Jong is passionate about providing his audiences with practical takeaways to help them grow their businesses. He illustrates his talks with vivid case studies and in-depth knowledge of the latest research.


“Both the ACE team as well as delegates that attended absolutely LOVED Thimon’s talk. They really enjoyed hearing about the next generation and how and trends are moving forward – with three tangible take-aways after each section. Thimon is a very engaging and energized speaker that kicked off our Friday’s schedule with a BANG.” —- Global Investment Forum, Geneva

“Wonderful, both on and offstage.” —- Swedbank Director Conference, Djüro

“Brillant speaker. Intellectual approach & entertaining.”

“One of the best and most meaningful speaker I listened to over the last months.”

“Exceptional speaker, outstanding and shocking.” —- Citywire Fund Selector Events

“We were thrilled, Thimon was superb.” —- IMI Management conference, Dublin

“Best presenter I’ve ever seen or heard.” —- Pepsico Russia

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