Scott Steinberg futurist speaker
Scott Steinberg futurist speaker

Scott Steinberg

Expert Business Futurist

Speaker Themes

  • The Future of Work
  • Leading with Creativity & Innovation
  • Change Management & Disruption
  • Navigating the New Normal
  • Adapting to Tomorrow’s Trends
  • Creating high performance cultures


Travels from

Washington D.C. and St Louis, USA


Scott Steinberg is a bestselling trends expert, strategic innovation consultant and among today’s best-known professional keynote speakers. He’s also served as a consulting adviser and thought leader for over 1,500 brands. Hailed as The Master of Innovation and World’s Leading Business Strategist, he has built a global reputation for delivering high-energy, high-return keynotes and motivational speeches at corporate events and conferences worldwide.

A world-famous futurist and corporate speaking presenter, as featured in 800+ outlets from CNN to The Today Show and seen by over one billion people worldwide, he also provides training workshops and seminars in half- and full-day sessions at domestic and international events.

A strategic advisor to Fortune 500 firms, non-profits, schools and startups, Scott’s most recent books include groundbreaking works such as Fun At Work (creativity & innovation), Think Like a Futurist (strategic innovation), The Crowdfunding Bible (online finance), The Modern Parent’s Guide (youth trends) and Make Change Work for You (leadership, management, and marketing).

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Like his syndicated columns and expert contributions to Inc.Entrepreneur and Reader’s Digest,Scott Steinberg’s motivational speeches, leadership seminars and corporate training programs are celebrated for teaching tomorrow’s leaders to be more effective – and helping them stay one step ahead of change and disruption.

Scott’s most popular speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Think like a futurist: how to see tomorrow today
  • Leading with Innovation: how to future-proof yourself, fearlessly innovate, and succeed despite disruption
  • Adapting to change: how to thrive amid uncertainty
  • Fast >>> Forward: how to turbo charge business, sales and career growth
  • Future trends: what’s next for your industry, and how can you stay ahead of it?
  • Defending against disruption: maintaining cyber security in the age of digital transformation
  • Change management: creating a culture of innovation
  • Customer experience is everything: designing products, services and solutions that connect
  • Succeeding in the new era of smart
  • Becoming essential: building and maintaining competitive advantage

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