Anne Lise Kjaer keynote speaker
Anne Lise Kjaer keynote speaker

Anne Lise Kjaer

Expert on future trends

Speaker Themes

  • Technology trends
  • Innovation
  • Big data
  • The IoT
  • 21st century leadership
  • The future of work
  • Smart cities & urbanisation
  • Tomorrow’s skills
  • Culture & purpose
  • Women in leadership
  • “Glocalisation”
  • Sustainability
  • The future of finance
  • The future of retail & luxury
  • Design thinking in a fast forward world
  • Entrepreneurship

Travels from

London, UK


Anne Lise Kjaer is a globally renowned visionary thinker and trend forecaster.

The founder of trend consultancy, Kjaer Global (est. 1988), she is passionate about helping organisations understand the future, so they can develop effective leadership and innovation strategies.

Over the decades with Kjaer Global, she has developed a ground-breaking Trend Management System, known for its successful contribution to future-mapping and scenario-planning.

In 2014, Palgrave Macmillan published her book, The Trend Management Toolkit: A Practical Guide To The Future.

A regular media commentator on trends, Anne Lise has featured on the BBC, CNN, Aljazeera and in the 2012 Ericsson documentary: The Networked Society. She holds the honorary title of Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador, and was recently appointed by Singapore’s Urban Development Authority’s (URA) as a member of the IPE (International Panel of Experts) 2018-2021 to help them plan ahead to 2060.

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In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, it is key for business leaders to distinguish the signal from the noise when creating strategies to future-proof their organisation.

With decades of experience at the cutting-edge of trend forecasting, Anne Lise has earned a global reputation for helping businesses do just that.

Whether it be to deliver an overview of key trends, or to delve more deeply into a specific topic such as data, AI, sustainability, finance or retail, Anne Lise tailors her insights to maximise impact for her audiences.

She also offers workshops in which she explores topics in greater depth in an interactive context.

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