Abbie Richards

TikTok disinformation researcher

Speaker Themes

  • Misinformation on social media
  • The spread of conspiracy theories and extremism in the digital age
  • The intersection of climate change and disinformation
  • Understanding TikTok
  • Social media as a tool for education
  • Media literacy

Travels from

Boston MA, USA


Abbie Richards is a TikToker and TikTok disinformation researcher. 

She specialises in understanding how misinformation, conspiracy theories and extremism spread on TikTok, and creates educational content which explains these complex issues to a wider audience. 

Abbie believes that understanding our new world of information is a right, not a privilege, and should therefore be as accessible as possible. So she puts it on TikTok. Her videos have gone viral and have been seen by millions on different social platforms. In just over a year, she’s built a following of over half a million people who trust her to explain these complex sociological and technological issues.

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Her research has examined difficult topics such as radicalisation pathways on TikTok, the vitality of anti-vaccine disinformation, and the rise of conspiracy theories in a post-COVID age. She’s also the creator of the Conspiracy Chart (see below), a graphic which demonstrates how conspiracy theories become hateful. 

Abbie is currently pursuing her MSc, where she studies the intersection of climate change and disinformation. She is a co-founder of EcoTok, an environmental TikTok collective that specialises in social media-based climate communication.

Abbie discusses the spread of misinformation on social media

Relaunching the conspiracy chart on TikTok

TikTok radicalization study

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