Michael Pawlyn sustainability keynote speaker
Michael Pawlyn sustainability keynote speaker

Michael Pawlyn

Leading expert in regenerative design

Speaker Themes

  • Biomimicry in architecture and design
  • Innovation
  • Future cities
  • Wellbeing and biophilia
  • Solutions to environmental challenges

Travels from

London, UK


Michael Pawlyn is a leading expert in regenerative design and “biomimicry” – the use of mechanisms found in nature to inspire sustainable buildings.

He established Exploration Architecture in 2007 to focus on designing high performance buildings and solutions for the circular economy. The company has developed a ground-breaking office project, an ultra-low energy data centre, a zero waste textiles factory and progressive solutions for green cities.

Prior to setting up Exploration, Michael worked with Grimshaw for ten years and was central to the team that designed the Eden Project. He is regularly booked as a keynote speaker on innovation and, in 2011, became one of only a small handful of architects to have a talk posted on TED.com. His TED talk has since had over 2 million views.

Michael jointly initiated the widely acclaimed Sahara Forest Project; the latest version of which was opened by the King of Jordan in 2017. In 2019 he co-initiated ‘Architects Declare a Climate & Biodiversity Emergency’ which has spread internationally with over 7,000 companies signed up to addressing the planetary crisis.

Since 2018 he has been increasingly providing advice to national governments and large companies on transformative change.

His book Biomimicry in Architecture has been RIBA Publications’ best-selling title. His latest book, titled Flourish: Design Paradigms for Our Planetary Emergency, co-authored with Sarah Ichioka, was published by Triarchy Press in December 2021.

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What can pollen grains teach us about optimising a roof structure?

How can a beetle’s shell show us how to prevent desertification?

Michael’s revolutionary approach to architecture and design shows how taking insights from one field can provide a whole new source of inspiration for another. His fascinating insights on creativity, innovation and sustainability are relevant for any organisation looking to achieve breakthroughs by approaching old problems in new ways.

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