Afshin Molavi geopolitical risk keynote speaker
Afshin Molavi geopolitical risk keynote speaker

Afshin Molavi

Expert on global geopolitical risk & emerging markets

Speaker Themes

  • Global geopolitical risk
  • How emerging markets are re-shaping the global economic and political landscape
  • Globalisation
  • Urbanisation and the new generation of global hub cities
  • “The New Silk Road”
  • South-South trade
  • Emerging market multi-nationals
  • US Foreign Policy

Travels from

Washington D.C., USA


Afshin is one of the world’s foremost commentators on global geopolitical risk and the role of emerging markets in the 21st century.

A highly original thinker, he combines detailed analysis of economics, politics and technology to create a rich picture of the key trends re-shaping our world.

He is co-founder of emerge85, an ambitious project that aims to document the shift of power towards Asia, Africa and Latin America, which together hold 85% of the world’s population.  

Afshin Molavi is also Senior Fellow at the Johns Hopkins School Of Advanced International Studies, where he writes on themes such as the “New Silk Road”, South-South trade, emerging market multi-nationals and the new generation of global hub cities.

Previously, he was Director of the World Economic Roundtable at the New America Foundation, which aimed to re-map the global economic landscape in the wake of the Great Recession.

He is a prolific commentator in top-quality publications such as the Washington Post, Foreign Policy and Financial Times, as well as on broadcast media such as CNN, the BBC, CNBC and Al Arabiya.

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In a world of unprecedented complexity and rapid change, it is crucial for businesses to cut through the noise and identify the key trends that are transforming the global landscape – and the risks and opportunities they present.

Afshin helps audiences do just that. Drawing on a vast amount of research and travel, he shows how forces such as the rise of emerging markets, the growth of a new middle class, rapid urbanisation and unprecedented technological connectivity, will be the drivers of the 21st century.

He is superb as a keynoter, panellist or moderator.

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