Bruce Daisley future of work speaker
Bruce Daisley future of work speaker

Bruce Daisley

Author, The Joy Of Work (2019) Former European VP, Twitter

Speaker Themes

  • The future of work
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Workplace culture
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Ledership
  • Resilience & Fortitude
  • Technology and the workplace

Travels from

London, UK


Bruce Daisley is the former European Vice-President for Twitter (2012-2020) and host of the UK’s number one business podcast, Eat Sleep Work Repeat.

Through conversations with an array of psychologists, neuroscientists and workplace experts, the podcast has one mission: to make work better. 

Bruce’s acclaimed book, The Joy Of Work: 30 Ways to Fix Your Work Culture and Fall in Love with Your Job Again(January 2019), engages with critical issues of 21st century office life, providing practical, empirically-tested advice on how to create a more productive and inspiring work culture.

Bruce’s latest book is Fortitude: Unlocking the Secrets of Inner Strength(August 2022). Here,he explains that the common view that resilience is all about being tough and stubborn is a toxic myth. Unpicking the notion of resilience, he explains how it really works, and puts forward a new programme for building self-confidence and tenacity, which he calls Fortitude. The book received superb reviews.

Bruce Daisley regularly features on lists such as the Evening Standard’s 1,000 Most Influential Londoners and Debrett’s 500 Most Influential People in Britain. Recently, Daisley was named “one of the most talented people in media” by Campaign Magazine.

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Bruce Daisley is a wonderfully charismatic and engaging speaker who consistently receives superb feedback.

Drawing on his own research and a career that has spanned top jobs at Google, Youtube and Twitter, Bruce Daisley delivers a dazzling array of actionable insights into how we can be more productive and find greater fulfilment at work.

From inside the flap:

“…in The Joy of Work, [Bruce Daisley] shares the fruits of his discoveries in 30 succinct tips that range across all aspects of 21st-century office life and that combine inspiration, empirically tested insight and down-to-earth practical answers in equal measure. Are lunch breaks for wimps, or do they actually make us more productive? Is it true that you can improve team performance simply by moving the location of the kettle or coffee machine? Why are meetings so often a waste of time, and how can they be fixed? And what are Monk Mode Mornings and Hack Weeks, and why do people swear by them?”

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