Ollie Henderson Next Generation Leadership Workshops
Ollie Henderson Next Generation Leadership Workshops

Ollie Henderson

Future Of Work expert, and experienced Founder & CEO

Speaker Themes

  • Creating a burnout-free performance culture
  • Harnessing AI for creativity & productivity
  • Managing a multi-generational workforce
  • Empowering next-generation leaders
  • Building an open talent strategy
  • Next Generation Leadership Workshops

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London, UK


Ollie Henderson has over a decade of experience leading creative and technology businesses as a founder and CEO. He now writes and speaks about the forces driving the work/life revolution we’re experiencing and advises business leaders on thought leadership.

As the host of the chart-topping podcast Future Work/Life, Ollie interviews entrepreneurs, business leaders, and world-renowned experts, discussing topics such as creativity and innovation, peak performance, productivity, technology, wellbeing, and workplace culture.

He also curates the Future Work/Life newsletter, read by thousands globally who are interested in the future of work and careers.

He has conducted extensive research for his bestselling book, Work/Life Flywheel: Harness the work revolution and reimagine your career without fear, which advocates a new approach to growing your career. Rather than seeing your career and personal life as two opposing forces, Ollie argues that the secret is to design an integrated approach that allows them to work in harmony.

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As a speaker, Ollie shares powerful insights on the future of work, entrepreneurship, and how to use technology to improve creativity and collaboration. An experienced leader and founder, he draws on his personal experiences and deep research to create engaging talks that help people think differently about how to build careers and companies.

As well as tackling significant future challenges and opportunities, Ollie also focuses on sharing practical strategies and techniques to help create a thriving company culture which attracts and retains the best talent.


“Work/Life Flywheel puts to bed the notion that our work-life balance is an either/or trade-off: the two move in tandem, and Ollie helps us find that binding rhythm.”
Will Page, Chief Economist, Spotify

“To make the changes to a more flexible and adaptive multi- stage life, we need to be bold and courageous. Ollie shows the foundations for this courage.”
Lynda Gratton, author of Redesigning Work, Professor of Management at London Business School

“Work and leisure have become a false dichotomy. As Ollie Henderson shows using the superb Flywheel metaphor, done right, each can make you better at the other.”
Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group

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