Giles Duley inspirational speaker
Giles Duley inspirational speaker

Giles Duley

Inspirational Speaker On Resilience And Leadership

Speaker Themes

  • Resilience
  • Leadership
  • Purpose
  • How Change Helps Us Thrive
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • The Power Of Empathy
  • The Power of Stories

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Hastings, UK


Giles Duley MBE is CEO of Legacy of War Foundation and a photographer, writer, chef and presenter. His work focuses on the long-term humanitarian impact of conflict.

As a speaker, Giles draws on his work and life experiences to provide insights on resilience, leadership, purpose and using change to fuel growth.

Giles began his career as a music photographer, working with the likes of Mariah Carey, Oasis and Lenny Kravitz for publications including Q, Vogue, Sunday Times and Elle. In 2000 his image of Marilyn Manson was voted amongst the 100 greatest rock photographs of all time.

In 2004, Giles changed his focus to documentary work, partnering with well-respected charities such as HI (Humanity and Inclusion), EMERGENCY, Save the Children and UNHCR to highlight lesser-known stories deserving of public attention and action. Although documenting challenging, and at times horrific, situations, Giles captures the strength of those who fight adversity rather than succumb. His photographs draw the viewer to the subject, creating intimacy and empathy for lives differing from ours only in circumstance.

Giles’ work has taken him to Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, DR Congo, Angola, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon, Colombia, Vietnam and Nigeria among others.

In 2011, whilst working in Afghanistan, Giles was severely injured by an IED. As a result of his injuries he is a triple-amputee. In 2012 he returned to Afghanistan to continue his work as a photographer.

In 2015 he started his Legacy of War project, which looks to explore common themes of conflict. A core part of the project is collaborations with other artists and writers to reach a wider audience. These collaborations have included the musicians Massive Attack and PJ Harvey.

Giles is CEO and Founder of the NGO Legacy of War Foundation, a charity supporting communities and individuals as they rebuild their lives after conflict. The organisation works in Rwanda, Ukraine and Lebanon and is one of the fastest growing international NGOs.

As a presenter, Giles has made two Unreported Worlds for Channel 4 and has produced and presented the six-part VICE tv series, The One Armed Chef, in which he cooks with families in countries ruined by war.

In 2017 the Sunday Times included Giles in their Alternative Rich List, for those who are ‘rich in experience, rich is spirit, rich in life….’  In the list Natasha Kaplinsky said of Duley “Even catastrophic injury has not stopped him doing what he feels he should be doing with his life.”

In 2022 Giles was appointed as the United Nations first Global Advocate for Persons with Disabilities in Conflict and Peacebuilding Situations.

Since 2023, Giles has been corporate impact adviser to Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Jolie project.

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Few people can talk about change and resilience as authentically as Giles Duley. Throughout his career he has witnessed the inspiring strength of people in extraordinarily difficult circumstances, and has himself overcome intense hardship.

With understated charisma, humour and candour, he tells how his experiences have helped him re-evaluate what it means to be happy and to thrive. As CEO and Founder of one of the world’s fastest-growing international NGOs, he shows how these lessons can help leaders and teams grow successful organisations that adapt to, and build on, change.

As well as deliver speeches, Giles can cook with and for his audience, exploring the themes of resilience, purpose and growth through food.

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