Philipp Kristian keynote speaker
Philipp Kristian keynote speaker

Philipp Kristian

Thought leader on humanising transformation

Speaker Themes

  • Generational leadership
  • Digital transformation
  • Human future
  • Future of work
  • Digital trust economy
  • Human-centred innovation

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Philipp Kristian CSP is a global thought leader, TEDx keynote speaker, Visiting Executive Education Professor at Fontainebleau, and author of The Trust Economy and RESET.

His work as a human futurist concentrates on how our behaviour, generational dynamics and trust patterns are shaping the future in our midst. His inspiring story-telling is rooted in a decade-long immersion in the art and science of mastering complex change, and a background in academic research. This helps him connect complex dots for us in simple terms, but with rigour and depth.

While trust isn’t everything, without it everything is nothing. Philipp is known for his seminal work on changing the global narrative on trust in the digital age, defining its role as:

  1. a gatekeeper to economic value creation;
  2. a behavioural force of persuasion shaping how we spend our money, data and time in the digital economy, and
  3. a change oracle that decides the fate of digital transformation and innovation ambitions.

This is true on a human level too. Key to transforming our lives is trusting that we will discover our brightest futures and best selves right here within us. In us is where waves of change begin and end their motion. This is why the core principle of Philipp’s work is humanising our transformation.

Philipp has previously held several large-scale Fortune 500 innovation strategy mandates and drove an 8-figure transformation consulting engagement for a financial institution all across JAPAC, concentrating on new digital value propositions and human-centred design thinking.

In addition, he shaped proposition, branding and strategic direction advising founder-CEOs of Singlife and Circles, two of Singapore’s most extraordinary scale-ip success stories, and Change Invest, an Estonian startup Wall-Of-Fame awardee.

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Philipp Kristian’s work on trust and transformation has received ever-increasing recognition in recent years. His key speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

Generational Futurism: Building the bridges to transformational leadership
WHY generational dynamics are the key to understanding our future;
HOW to solve generational conflict by building intergenerational bridges and common ground;
WHAT it takes to build a future of work where all thrive.
The Reframe: generational bridges are the key to a bright future.

Metacognition: the art and science of complex change
WHY all transformation is human transformation, beginning within ourselves and our own cognitive realities;
HOW to master the art and science of complex change and turn transformation resistance into future momentum;
WHAT it takes to change a life in 90 minutes and an organisation in 90 days.
The reframe: metacognitive abilities are the key to transforming leaders.

Digital trust economy: a human superpower for good
WHY trust is a top driver of profitability and brand value that leads to better value propositions and more collaboration;
HOW to build the most trusted customer and employer-employee value propositions in the market;
WHAT it takes to be a trust leader and build a trusted future in the digital and data economy.
The reframe: digital and data trust are the key to complex change.

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