Philipp Kristian keynote speaker
Philipp Kristian keynote speaker

Philipp Kristian

Expert on trust in a digital age

Speaker Themes

  • Trust in a digital world
  • Trust and the future of work
  • Trust and business strategy
  • Trust and corporate governance

Travels from

Munich or Singapore


Philipp Kristian is a leading global voice on trust and an international trust keynote speaker. He inspires us to win with trust and the power of digital humanity.

As a Visiting Professor and Executive Education faculty to top academic institutions, he delivers C-Level insight and thought leadership on trust issues and the need for digital humanity. 

Philipp is known as a next-generation, digital native trust expert who wrote The Trust Economy and RESET. His work advocates for greater trust and humanity in our digital future. It deeply explores the wild dance of digital humanity and future technology.

Philipp spent a decade evangelising innovation and transformation, building digital value propositions and teeing up start-up corporate partnerships for Fortune 500s in APAC. He advised Founder-CEOs of two major technology scale-ups (now unicorns) on upturning their industries with trust and digital humanity. His background is a mix of academic research, strategy and design thinking. 

Join some of the biggest, best, brightest and bravest names in business exploring trust and the power of digital humanity.

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Philipp Kristian’s work on trust and transformation has received ever-increasing recognition in recent years. His key speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

A-I Don’t Trust You
We are in love with AI and digital: it’s led us to instant gratification of whatever we wish for. This gives us a paradox: why is it so hard to digitally transform when we clearly want a digital future? In this talk, Philipp highlights the problems and promise of trust issues in AI, data and digital transformation.

Trust As One, Get It Done
People are our greatest asset. We are talking people- and purpose-centricity, but our talent is walking. We struggle to unite across generations. Culture, productivity and brand suffer. Why isn’t work working anymore? In this talkj, Philipp outlines how to restore trust in we-spirit and resolve people, purpose and productivity concerns.

E-S-Gee This Isn’t Easy
We know this is our planet, that we all have a stake in it and that we need to change our ways. Yet we really struggle to free ourselves of financial objectives that focus us on the short-term. Why can’t we escape? In this talk, Philipp tackles the trust gaps between ESG vision and corporate governance in a digital world.

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