Jon Finn keynote speaker
Jon Finn keynote speaker

Jon Finn

Author of best-selling book, The Habit Mechanic

Speaker Themes

  • Why traditional approaches to leadership and helping people to be their best don’t cut it anymore (because they were not designed with the brain in mind)
  • How to identify your Destructive Habits and your Super Habits using science-based ‘Habit Metric’ Tools
  • How to destroy your Destructive Habits
  • How to build new Super Habits for resilience and productivity using a new 9-step science-based blueprint
  • How to quickly supercharge your motivation and personal drive
  • How to build new sleep, diet and exercise habits for wellbeing and new habits for stress management
  • How to build new habits to boost your confidence
  • How to build new habits to improve your focus, productivity and work-life balance

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Dr. Jon Finn wrote his best-selling book ‘The Habit Mechanic’ (which took him over 20 years) because his life’s mission is to help people to be their best in the challenging modern world. 

He founded the award-winning Tougher Minds consultancy and has three psychology-related degrees. He has worked in performance psychology, resilience, and leadership science for over 20 years. He also writes regularly for Forbes. 

Tougher Minds uses cutting-edge insights from psychology, behavioural science, neuroscience, and world champions to help organisations develop “Habit Mechanics” and “Chief Habit Mechanics”— resilient people, outstanding leaders, and world-class teams. 

Having trained and coached over 10,000 people, Dr. Finn works with global businesses, high-growth startups, individuals, elite athletes, Premier League managers, leading educational institutes, families, the UK government, and think tanks.

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Drawing from neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology, Dr Jon’s cutting edge speeches include:

Transform Your Life And Work In The Post-Pandemic World By Destroying Your Destructive Habits In Two-Minutes Per Day.
The latest neuroscience shows between 98 and 100% of what we think or do is habit (automatic and semi-automatic behaviour). Audiences will learn how to use this as a foundation to build NEW helpful habits to improve resilience, wellbeing and personal performance.

Build the One Habit that will Supercharge your life and work – in Three simple steps.
How we can all feel better and do better by understanding that our brains run our lives and habits run our brains and the super-practical tool we can use to improve ourselves every day.

How Leaders can Supercharge their Team’s Performance using a practical, proven 5-Step blueprint – backed by cutting-edge neuroscience.
Teams of any type can implement Dr Finn’s Team Power model to become truly high-performing, achieve major objectives and fulfil their potential.

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