Charlie McMurdie cyber security speaker
Charlie McMurdie cyber security speaker

Charlie McMurdie

Former head of Cyber Crime: Scotland Yard

Speaker Themes

  • Cyber security
  • Leadership
  • Women in leadership
  • Building teams
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Dealing with uncertainty

Travels from

London, UK


Charlie McMurdie is the former head of Scotland Yard’s Economic and Cyber Crime Unit. She also led the Police Central eCrime Unit and national cyber crime programmes. Her 32 year long career in law enforcement has encompassed terrorism, covert policing, and leading investigations into murders and robberies.

Her career in cyber security has not always been an easy one. Charlie has had to fight through the scepticism of her colleagues, and of government, in order to secure the funding and resources necessary to establish one of the world’s leading cyber crime agencies. Her spearheading of initiatives to build up Scotland Yard’s cyber security capabilities made her the United Kingdom’s top law enforcement officer in the complex and rapidly changing landscape of cyber crime. After leaving law enforcement, Charlie became a Senior Cyber Crime Adviser to PwC and was a key member of Breach Aid, PwC’s multidisciplinary team charged with responding to serious attacks on clients.

Charlie’s work now focuses on stressing the vital need for appropriate countermeasures to cyber security issues, whether they are physical or digital in nature. She examines the strategic nature of the precautions required, both now and in the years to come, and can cite numerous operational examples of cyber crime that she has encountered in her long and storied career. These range from attacks on governments, banks, and retailers, to the theft of personal information, and have covered state sponsored actors, organised crime syndicates, and even juvenile thrill seekers.


The world of cyber security is fast moving and complex, with implications for governments, businesses, and private citizens alike. Charlie uses her unique experience in law enforcement and the private sector to analyse the nature of the threat, both present and future, and to suggest practical, strategic solutions.

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