FC aka Freakyclown keynote speaker
FC aka Freakyclown keynote speaker

FC, aka Freaky Clown

Leading ethical hacker

Speaker Themes

  • Cyber security
  • Technology and risk
  • Hacking
  • Data and privacy

Travels from

Las Vegas, USA


FC is a well-known ethical hacker, social engineer and keynote speaker.

He is the author of “How I rob banks“, and advises organisations on how to create a secure, safe environment.

As an ethical hacker for the last three decades, FC has helped thousands of banks, governments and other organisations advance their security.

He has shared his expertise in mainstream media, including the BBC and ITV, as well as popular industry podcasts such as Darknet Diaries (EP66). He has also been featured in printed media around the world educating people about cyber security from a hacker’s perspective.

His time as the Head of Offensive Research at Raytheon enables him to bring to bear his knowledge of how nation states and the intelligence community work with cyber weapons and how to defend against them. The decades he has spent legally breaking into organisations, both physically and digitally, has taken him around the globe in the fight against cybercrime. 

Whilst FC is his memorable real name (it really is what’s on his passport!), he is often better known by his hacker handle ‘Freakyclown’. The name that was given to him by bullies as a schoolboy has now been turned into a positive alter ego for FC to educate the world on cyber security issues.

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FC is passionate about educating organisations and the wider public to be secure in the 21st century digital age.

He’s a regular speaker at corporate events, security conferences, universities and schools, where he teaches people of all ages the art of security in an engaging and impactful way.

FC and his business partner Dr Jessica Barker can also do brilliant joint talks:

They discuss and demonstrate the who, how and why of hacking. Live demonstrations of hacks are interjected with discussions about how these hacks work, the human factors behind each attack and what we can do to mitigate against them. The talk demystifies cyber insecurity and tackles both the human and technical elements at play. Attendees leave with a greater awareness of how quick, simple and effective attacks can be, and what they can do, from a technical and human perspective, to better defend their organisation.

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