Jessica Barker

Cyber security consultant

Speaker Themes

  • The human side of cyber security
  • Behaviour and risk
  • Hacking
  • Data and privacy

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Dr Jessica Barker is a thought leader in the human nature of cyber security. 

In 2017, she was named one of the top 20 women of influence in cyber security in the UK, and was the winner of the TechWomen50 Award.

Jessica’s technical knowledge and sociology background equip her with unique insight, and she has a talent for translating technical messages to a non-technical audience. She is engaged by firms and organisations of all sizes – from multinationals to SMEs – to help them improve their security. 

Jessica’s work focuses on the psychology and sociology of cyber security, particularly with regards to cyber security threats, social engineering, how to effectively communicate cyber security messages, the psychology of fear and cyber security, and the language of cyber security. She is also expert on cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture.

Jessica is passionate about encouraging young people to become more engaged with cyber security, working with TeenTech and the UK’s Cyber Security Challenge.


The human side of cyber security so often gets over-looked, yet it is crucial to understand it if an organisation is to make itself properly secure. Jessica brilliantly brings this aspect of security to life. Known for her graceful and clear communication of technical subjects, she is able to engage audiences of all levels.

Her regular appearances on national and international TV and Radio have cemented her place as the media’s go-to expert on the subject. She frequently appears on the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News, Radio 4’s Today programme, Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show and more. She has been published in the Sunday Times and the Guardian, and frequently in industry press. She is regularly commissioned to write cyber security blog posts.

Jessica and her business partner, FC, can also do brilliant joint talks:

They discuss and demonstrate the who, how and why of hacking. Live demonstrations of hacks are interjected with discussions about how these hacks work, the human factors behind each attack and what we can do to mitigate against them. The talk demystifies cyber insecurity and tackles both the human and technical elements at play. Attendees leave with a greater awareness of how quick, simple and effective attacks can be, and what they can do, from a technical and human perspective, to better defend their organisation.

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