Jessica Barker cyber security keynote speaker
Jessica Barker cyber security keynote speaker

Jessica Barker

Cyber Security Expert and Author

Speaker Themes

  • The human side of cyber security
  • Behaviour and risk
  • Hacking
  • Data and privacy

Travels from

Las Vegas, USA


Dr Jessica Barker is a best-selling author and international keynote speaker.

An award-winning leader in the human side of cyber security, she has delivered face-to-face awareness sessions to over 50,000 people. Named one of the top 20 most influential UK women in cyber security, she is the go-to cyber expert for media including the BBC, Sky News and Wired magazine.

Jessica has delivered over 80 keynotes, including NATO, the World Government Summit, and RSA San Francisco. Her speaking engagements unpick the psychology and sociology of cyber security.

Her latest book is Hacked: the secrets behind cyber attacks (April 2024).

Jessica Barker is Co-Founder of the cyber security company Cygenta, where she focuses on her purpose to advance cyber security awareness, behaviour, and culture in organisations around the world.

She serves on numerous industry boards, including the UK Government Cyber Security Advisory Board. In June 2023, Jessica was awarded an MBE for services to cyber security by King Charles in his first Birthday Honours.

The author of ‘Confident Cyber Security’ and co-author of ‘Cybersecurity ABCs’, she helps audiences around the world understand why people are the heart of cyber security.

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The human side of cyber security so often gets over-looked, yet it is crucial to understand it if an organisation is to make itself properly secure. Jessica Barker brilliantly brings this aspect of security to life. Known for her graceful and clear communication of technical subjects, she is able to engage audiences of all levels.

Jessica and her business partner, FC, can also do brilliant joint talks:

They discuss and demonstrate the who, how and why of hacking. Live demonstrations of hacks are interjected with discussions about how these hacks work, the human factors behind each attack and what we can do to mitigate against them. The talk demystifies cyber insecurity and tackles both the human and technical elements at play. Attendees leave with a greater awareness of how quick, simple and effective attacks can be, and what they can do, from a technical and human perspective, to better defend their organisation.

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