Leadership, Teamwork & Creativity Through The Lens of Music

Dominic Alldis virtual workshops
Dominic Alldis virtual workshops

Business leaders and employees alike are facing a lot of disruption at the moment. The pandemic accelerated the move towards hybrid working, new technologies such as ChatGPT have taken the world by storm, and the economic landscape is unpredictable as a result of tremendous geopolitical upheaval and pandemic-era policies working their way through the system.

As a result, old ways of working are no longer fit for purpose. Executives are being challenged to create new models of leadership, collaboration and innovation that will allow their organisations to thrive in this volatile and uncertain context.

Dominic Alldis is a conductor and jazz musician who uses music as a metaphor to help businesses do just that.

His transformative presentations, often featuring live musicians, explore how we can bring together ‘classical’ values such as excellence and teamwork, while simultaneously fostering the ‘jazz’ values of adaptability, disruption and innovation.

Dominic’s talks are never just “top-down”. He doesn’t want to dictate to the audience a set of fixed rules. The aim is to use conversation, audience interaction and live music demonstrations to explore new ways of thinking about leadership and teamwork, and to see first hand what it feels like to put them into practice. One of my favourite moments of working in the speaking industry was seeing the look on an audience member’s face as they conducted an orchestra for the first time in one of Dominic’s sessions!

Dominic adapts the format of his presentations precisely to the needs of each individual client, ranging from just him on a piano, to him leading a jazz band or full orchestra. We’ve worked with him for keynotes, dinner sessions and workshops, both in-person and in a virtual setting.

Here are some photos from a recent virtual event he delivered from his stunning premises in the UK.

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