Professor Gina Rippon publishes “The Gendered Brain”

Ginas Rippon diversity keynote speaker
Ginas Rippon diversity keynote speaker

Gina Rippon

Science & Technology Speaker

Huge congratulations to Professor Gina Rippon on publishing her path-breaking new book, The Gendered Brain: The New Neuroscience That Shatters The Myth Of The Gendered Brain.

Society has fed us stereotypes that claim men and women’s brains are fundamentally different: men are more logical under pressure but can’t multitask; women have more empathy but are less good at maths, science and coding (see, for example, ex-Google employee James Damore’s infamous letter to that effect).

But Gina, drawing on decades of research and the latest cutting-edge neuroscience, shows that actually there are no biologically hard-wired differences between male and female brains.

In fact, it is these social stereotypes that are remoulding our highly plastic and adaptable brains. A fascinating, lively, myth-busting read, Gina’s book is also an urgent call for us to overcome gendered stereotypes, so that all of as can fulfil our individual potential.

Here are just a few early reviews:

“A treasure trove of information and good humour, The Gendered Brain offers thought-provoking perspectives on the latest debates about sex, gender and the brain.” —- Cordelia Fine, author of TESTOSTERONE REX

“A smart and witty addition to the literature on sex differences. Gina Rippon is one of the most outspoken scientists in this area, and she debunks a whole host of sexist stereotypes in her new book.” —- Angela Saini, author of INFERIOR

“A brilliant and thorough debunking of the popular myths around sex differences in brains and behaviour.” —- Dr Emily Grossman, broadcaster

A fresh and much-needed perspective on the gender debate —- Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, founder of STEMETTES

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