The Psychology Of Customer Engagement

Ed Cooke

  • Grand Master Of Memory
  • CEO of Memrise, the revolutionary online learning app

A Grand Master Of Memory and psychologist by training, Ed Cooke‘s vision is to make learning a language as easy and natural as ordering your shopping online.

That’s why he’s built a team of crack scientists to develop the Memrise user experience according to the latest discoveries in psychology and neuroscience – he wants it to be the most fun and memorable place on the internet.

He must be doing something right – Memrise now has over 25 million users and won Best App at the Google Play Awards 2017.

Ed’s insights are invaluable for any business looking to improve the way they engage with customers.

His interactive talks are delivered with his trademark wit and charm, and he can even perform some mind-boggling memory tricks for your audience!

If you fuel people’s imagination, you can hold their attention and help them learn (TEDx)


“With Memrise we’re trying to create experiences that rejoice in the madness of learning, as well as making it an efficient process.

The aim is that within fifty hours of using Memrise you can have pretty good proficiency in any language: have a good conversation in a train or bar, make your way around town, that kind of thing. We think that would be a game-changing quality of learning”


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