The Third Robot Revolution

Dario Floreano keynote speaker
Dario Floreano keynote speaker

Dario Floreano

Technology & Innovation Speaker

Robotics and A.I. are re-shaping the global business landscape at an ever-increasing pace.

But what will be the next big breakthrough?

We caught up recently with Professor Dario Floreano to find out. Here’s a brief summary of what we learned:

(1) The first robot revolution took place in manufacturing and assembly
Since the Second World War, this revolution has brought us better goods at lower prices and better quality. This revolution is still evolving, with robots becoming more intelligent and therefore safer for humans to work with as companions on the factory floor.

(2) The second robot revolution is taking place in logistics and transportation
This revolution started recently, in particular with mobile robots working in warehouses to enable the large scale operations required by the growth of e-commerce. It is now evolving into autonomous cars, autonomous drones and autonomous ships.

(3) The third robot revolution will take place in healthcare and home care

For example…

A.I. will help doctors make more accurate diagnoses and formulate more effective, bespoke treatments.

Intelligent robots that can learn from – and improve upon – each other’s experiences will increasingly be used for surgery.

The elderly and disabled will be able to make use of wearable intelligent robots that seamlessly support their physical movement. This will improve their independence, allow them to live with friends and family, and also greatly reduce strains on healthcare systems, especially in countries that struggle to recruit enough nurses and care workers.

Dario talks us through this drone that has been equipped with feathers to increase its precision during flight. The bio-inspired device can spread or close its wings while flying, making it easier to manoeuvre and more resistant in high winds than drones modelled on aeroplanes and helicopters.