Why book a motivational speaker for your event?

How to book the perfect motivational speaker
How to book the perfect motivational speaker

For any business to be successful, it needs to engage its workforce behind a common purpose, foster collaboration and enable its employees to operate at their best.

In this blog we’ll:

  • discuss some of the ways motivational speakers can help organisations achieve these goals, boosting their employees’ morale and productivity
  • show you how to go about booking an inspirational speaker that is the perfect fit for your event
  • provide a selection of our favourite motivational speakers from our global network

How do motivational speakers inspire your workforce?

Motivational and inspirational speakers can come from all different walks of life, from business to sport to journalism and everything in between.

But the common thread that unites them is that they all have a compelling personal story to tell. It is the power of these personal narratives that captures the audience’s imagination, helps them make connections between their own and the speaker’s lives, and inspires them to achieve more than they previously thought they could.

A great motivational speech will not only have a powerful narrative arc; it will also be delivered in a highly engaging way and, crucially, contain within it valuable lessons for your audience to take home and implement in their own working and personal lives. These can include insights on:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Achieving the “impossible”
  • High performance mindset
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Managing change
  • Assessing risk

How do I find the perfect motivational speaker for my event?

(1) When starting any search for an inspirational speaker, the first thing is to think about what you want your audience to come away with after the event. Do you want them feeling uplifted? Challenged? United behind a particular goal? Do you want them to have new tools at their finger tips that they can implement immediately?

(2) Once you’ve reflected on this, it’s time to begin your research. A speakers bureau like VBQ Speakers will ask you what your goals are for the event and then provide tailored recommendations to fit your brief and budget.

(3) Take some time to read the biographies and watch the video clips the bureau provides. Over a phone call or meeting, they will then help you whittle down the recommendations to your preferred shortlist. The bureau will also make suggestions around what format is best for the keynote session. For example, should it be a speech plus Q&A? Or do some speakers work better in a “fireside chat” format?

(4) The bureau will then check the availability of the speakers on your shortlist.

(5) If you wish, you can ask to have a scoping call with these speakers. This is a good way to check whether your event’s aims and the speaker’s message are aligned. In our experience, most speakers are happy to participate in such calls.

(6) Once you’ve chosen your speaker, make sure you’re clear on all the elements you would like them to participate in. For example, as well as the speech, do you want them to attend a coffee break, lunch or dinner with event attendees? Do you want them to do a meet and greet?

(7) The bureau will then draw up the contract for the booking. They will also set up a briefing call with the speaker (typically this is a few weeks before the event takes place) and coordinate the logistics, so that the speaker is all set to deliver a great performance.

Some motivational keynote speakers from VBQ’s global network

At VBQ, we’re proud to work with some of the world’s most sought-after inspirational speakers. Here is a small selection from our network. You can find more ideas here. If you’re working on an event and would like some tailored recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jamil Qureshi
Jamil is one of the world’s leading business and sports psychologists. He’s brilliant on themes such as achieving a peak performance mindset, driving positive changer and leadership.

Viv Groskop
Viv is a prolific author and commentator on workplace culture. With her background as a comedian and communication coach, she examines themes such as confidence and teamwork, and also provides practical guidance on how to improve one’s communication skills at work.

Mo Gawdat
Mo is a globally best-selling author and podcast host on happiness and human thriving. Through his story of personal tragedy, he illuminates issues such as overcoming adversity and what it means to live a fulfilling life at work and at home.

Cathy O’Dowd
Cathy is the first woman to climb Everest from the north and south sides. Through the stories of her expeditions, illustrated with powerful slides and video, she examines themes such as teamwork in high pressure environments, setting and achieving goals, and assessing risk.

Giles Duley
A former music photographer who became a war photojournalist, Giles lost three limbs when he trod on an IED in Afghanistan. Giles has continued his work as a photographer who tells the stories of those affected by conflict. He is also the CEO of Legacy Of War Foundation, a charity supporting communities and individuals as they rebuild their lives after conflict. He is also a chef, presenting the programme The One Armed Chef, where he cooks with families in countries ruined by war. He speaks brilliantly on resilience, purpose, and how change helps us thrive.

Susan David
Susan is a Harvard-based psychologist and the best-selling author of Emotional Agility. She provides practical advice on a range of issues, including peak performance mindset and behaviour change.