Aisha Fukushima diversity speaker
Aisha Fukushima diversity speaker

Aisha Fukushima

Cultural Activist

Speaker Themes

  • New models of leadership
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Authenticity in the work place
  • Owning your voice
  • Creativity
  • Defining success
  • Diversity

Travels from

Copenhagen, Denmark


Aisha Fukushima is a Performance Lecturer, Justice Strategist, Singer/Songwriter and RAPtivist (rap activist).

She uses her unique blend of storytelling and performance to help businesses examine issues such as leadership, teamwork, creativity and diversity.

Fukushima is the founder of RAPtivism (Rap Activism), a hip hop project spanning 20 countries and four continents, amplifying universal efforts for freedom and justice. She is a multilingual, multiracial African American Japanese woman who has done lectures and performances everywhere from the United States to France, Morocco, Japan, Germany, England, South Africa, Senegal, India, Denmark and beyond.

Aisha’s RAPtivism’ work has been featured on Oprah Magazine, TEDx, KQED Public Television, The Seattle Times, TV 2M Morocco, The Bangalore Mirror and HYPE (South Africa’s #1 Hip Hop Magazine).

Tour highlights include performing for audiences of over 20,000 people in Nepal, speaking with the President of Estonia about the power of music to create change, and sharing stages with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Angela Davis, Emory Douglas (Black Panthers), KRS-One, Herbie Hancock, Christian McBride, The Isley Brothers, and M1 (Dead Prez).


As a business speaker, Aisha Fukushima combines the art of performance and lecture. In her keynotes she links themes such as hip hop, global citizenship, empowerment, feminism and cultural activism through storytelling and live musical performance.

Using her unique and inspiring perspective, she helps organisations explore new approaches to leadership, teamwork, creativity and diversity in the workplace.

Aisha can run workshop sessions as well as deliver keynote talks.


“[Aisha Fukushima’s] lyrics cut deep and many of us were able to relate to what she was talking about. Her authenticity and openness were invaluable to our members who all try to find belonging. Her energy and positive vibes also brought our audience to life! Mixed Googlers, Black Googler Network, and Asian Googler Network benefited greatly from her contribution and we would absolutely have her again.”
– Jay, Founder and GLobal Chair of Mixed Googlers

“Speaking to Aisha during our event was a liberating experience. As someone who faces challenges in finding their voice, I can say that Aisha sheds light on the importance of and power behind using our voice to make change. She exudes a welcoming and calming energy that makes difficult conversations easier to digest. Her voice and delivery of her messages are an added bonus to the quality subject matter at hand. I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to work with her and hope that this is the first of many collaborations to come.”
– Jas, Trust and Safety Policy Specialist, Google

“Aisha was amazing to work with! She was very open and receptive to hearing about our learning objectives and the points we wanted to get across to the audience. She was extremely collaborative and asked the right questions, prompting us to additional considerations. The event itself was a HIT! Everyone really enjoyed it. She does a great job of making her events engaging and the audience appreciated opportunities to converse, dance and appreciate her work in the moment and afterwards.”
– Brianna, Senior Marketing Manager, Zillow

“It was such a joy to have Aisha’s deep, powerful and exciting force join us at the Lush Showcase… She left everyone feeling hopeful and connected to one another and the higher issues we care about.”
– Carleen, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

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