Bianca Miller-Cole keynote speaker
Bianca Miller-Cole keynote speaker

Bianca Miller-Cole

Serial Entrepreneur

Speaker Themes

  • Entrepreneurship & building a startup
  • Creating an “intrapreneurial” culture within your business
  • Personal branding
  • High-impact leadership
  • Bianca’s personal business journey

Travels from

London, UK


Bianca Miller-Cole IS an award-winning Entrepreneur and personal brand expert. Founder of the ‘go-to’ business for harnessing workforce potential, she has an impressive list of clients including HSBC, Accenture, AMEX, CMS LLP, PWC, Barclays, EY, Google, LSE, UAL, BT, KPMG to name a few.

Bianca was honoured as a ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ for her commitment to e-commerce and retail via her diverse hosiery brand, which she pitched in the final of The Apprentice in 2014.

Her business influence also resulted in her being awarded a Top 10 ‘Power Profile Leader’ via LinkedIn out of 20 million members, alongside Richard Branson. She appears in the Top 50 Future Leaders lists for the Financial Times

HERoes (women only) and EMpower (ethnic minority) lists for her success in business. She is the co-author of bestselling book “Self Made: The Definitive Guide to Business Startup Success” and uses her spare time to mentor a growing community of budding entrepreneurs.

Bianca has become extremely popular for her keynote and guest speaking appearances due to her ability to cultivate an inspired workforce at any age or stage of their career life cycle. Her ability to engage audiences from school leavers to new joiners, middle managers, experienced hire, senior executives and returners is remarkable.


Bianca is a highly engaging and interactive speaker, whose most popular keynote topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship and Building a Start-Up

Including lessons from her bestselling book; understand the key steps and top tips to building your business from inception to fruition, including the importance of building a credible online brand.

  • Creating an Intrapreneurial Culture Within Your Business

Learn how to convert social media into revenue, effective time management and how to sell, grow and collaborate intelligently.

  • Personal Branding and High Impact Leadership

An insight into the practical steps on how to build your personal brand and cultivate your network in order to influence and lead with impact. This is an interactive session which will include discussion of an individual’s PACK: Presentation, Approach, Communication and Knowledge.

  • Her Personal Business Journey

Including how she made her dreams a reality, the obstacles she has faced, the lessons she has learned and her tips on helping the audience work on their dreams.


“Energising and empathetic speaker. Engages the audience in an inclusive way” – Accenture

“Her passion for helping people identify their own personal brand is something you need to see to
believe. The fact that every member of the audience walked away feeling inspired and committed to making themselves the masters of their own destiny simply demonstrates how influential Bianca Miller-Cole is” – HSBC

“Bianca ran her branding workshop for the KPMG women’s network in Canary Wharf. A very talented woman, her session was both engaging, funny and informative. If you’ve not had the chance to attend one of her workshops, you’re missing out!” – KPMG

“Professional, knowledgeable – she holds an audience; bringing her presentations to life.” – Blackrock

“I was fortunate enough to have Bianca as a keynote speaker at our Conference. She was incredibly natural on stage, always with a smile on her face; and was inspiring, humorous and eloquent” – Travel Counsellors

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