Costas Markides innovation keynote speaker
Costas Markides innovation keynote speaker

Costas Markides

Professor of Strategic Leadership, London Business School

Speaker Themes

  • Disruptive innovation
  • Breakthrough business strategy
  • Creating innovative corporate cultures
  • Social innovation

Travels from

London, UK


Costas Markides is widely recognised as being one of the world’s leading experts and keynote speakers on business strategy and innovation.

Consistently ranked in the world’s top business thinkers by Thinkers50, he holds the Robert P. Bauman Chair in Strategic Leadership at the London Business School. Formerly he was also the School’s Executive Education Faculty Director.

A graduate of Harvard Business School and Boston University, Costas Markides’ current research focuses on corporate entrepreneurship, business model innovation management and using creativity to identify strategic breakthroughs.

Costas’ research ranges from strategic innovation and business model innovation to diversification and international acquisitions. 

In particular, his work explores how established companies can pursue radical or disruptive innovation, and how they can compete with two business models in the same industry. He also examines how companies can create a culture of continuous innovation and the role that individuals play in making an organisation more innovative.

A prolific author, All the Right Moves: A Guide to Crafting Breakthrough Strategy was shortlisted for the Igor Ansoff Strategic Management Award in 2000. Subsequently, Fast Second: How Smart Companies Bypass Radical Innovation to Enter and Dominate New Markets, was shortlisted for the Financial Times-Goldman Sachs Management Book of the Year in 2005.

In Game-Changing Strategies (2008), Costas Markides explored how established firms can use business model innovation to break the rules in their markets, and how to respond when their market is invaded by a disruptive business model.

More recently, Costas has increasingly turned his attention to social issues, examining how management ideas can be used to address social problems such as drug related crime, poverty and malnutrition.  

His forthcoming book, Architects of Change, explores how individuals could design innovative solutions to social problems in ways that make them easily scalable. He also examines how a decentralised change process could be used to scale up social innovations and diffuse them globally.

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As technology disrupts markets at an ever-increasing pace, every business is operating in an ever more precarious environment.

A brilliantly energetic speaker, Costas Markides explains how organisations can harness the entrepreneurial talents of their employees to become the disruptor rather than the disrupted. With a reputation for being a highly charismatic presence on stage, his keynote speeches are as inspiring as they are informative.

Costas Markides’ specialist subjects include; developing and executing a differentiated strategy, how to energise your people, achieving strategic innovation, radical change in your organisation, and how to create new market space.

From inside the flap:

[Game Changing Strategies} presents practical ideas on how established firms can not only discover radical new business models but also grow them next to their existing business models. The challenge for established firms is not the discovery of a new business model–the real challenge is how to make two business models coexist. This book offers advice on how established firms can implement structures and processes that make the new business model less conflicting and more palatable to the existing business.

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