Eliza Filby keynote speaker
Eliza Filby keynote speaker

Eliza Filby

Expert on Generational Values & Trends

Speaker Themes

  • Millennials, Generation Y and Z
  • The “generation gap” in business and society
  • Consumer trends
  • The future of work
  • The multi-generational organisation
  • Gender diversity in business

Travels from

London, UK


Dr. Eliza Filby is a generations expert. Having spent her career studying the history of contemporary values, speaker Eliza Filby now specialises in the field of generational intelligence.

An academic and consultant, Dr. Eliza Filby is an expert on generational differences, using her platform as a speaker to dispel common misconceptions and help businesses to understand and navigate the complex issue. As part of Eliza Filby’s ongoing work on generational trends, she speaks on how these long-term trends can affect businesses across industries. 

When speaking, Eliza Filby is well known for delivering research-led insights into how businesses can adapt to changing trends. She also discusses practical solutions for companies trying to navigate an ever-changing landscape. Dr Eliza Filby’s expertise helps businesses to adapt to the needs of the younger generations in particular, challenging common stereotypes and generalisations often made when they are discussed.

Despite this focus, Eliza Filby also offers insights centered around the specific needs and interests of other groups. Her talks answer a range of questions that are often asked about generations, for example how to engage employees across generational divides and why are generation Z skeptical about tech?

Throughout her career as a speaker, Dr Eliza Filby has led discussions for a range of different companies, including banks, law firms, beauty brands and government departments. She has also spoken to the House of Lords on Intergenerational Fairness, and has given talks to the EU’s Human Rights Forum on the relationship between Gen Z and technology.

Leveraging her expertise in the field, Eliza Filby has also co-written a book entitled Fueling Gender Diversity: Unlocking the impact of the next generation workplace, and is now working on a second centering on the history of generations.

In 2021, Eliza Filby launched It’s All Relative, a podcast in which she interviews two different generations from the same family to discuss their different lives. Participants have included Prue Leith, Johnny Marr and Julian Fellowes.

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Today’s businesses are faced with a whole range of new challenges, and the generational gap is one of them. This issue is becoming increasingly complex, particularly as younger generations begin to make their mark in companies.

Eliza Filby speaks on generational differences, shedding light on what these differences could mean for brands across industries. As part of her work, Eliza Filby offers up discussion points and answers as to how companies can best adapt to the needs of different generations, and, ultimately, what they can all teach each other.

We are all living longer and are younger for an extended period of time. Eliza believes that this demographic disruption and the accompanying change of beliefs, experiences, habits and values is transforming the world. She focuses her research on society through the perspective of age and generations, starting with Baby Boomers all the way through to Generation Alpha, in a bid to understand how the traditional lifecycle is being redesigned. 

Eliza Filby’s speaker performances are known to be fun, relaxed and engaging as she explores generational shifts in the workforce. Of particular interest are Generation Z (those aged 20 and under). She discusses their tastes, habits and values, and talks to companies about how this distinct group differs from its predecessor, the often-talked about Millennials. Eliza Filby’s talks also touch on what the future might hold for these groups, and how they could change society in years to come.


“Eliza not only has a superb command of the Millennials issue, but is a clear, engaging and witty speaker. She held the attention of a diverse audience of senior wealth and asset management professionals and handled the Q&A in a spontaneous and lively manner. Eliza combines academic rigour with the practical experience of a successful businesswoman. It’s a winning combination.”
 Head of Group Communications, the Pictet Group

“Eliza’s Millennials project was both inspiring and enlightening and her findings have been invaluable to Toni & Guy and label.m….we have loved working with her. Each individual involved in the Millennials project came away with an entirely positive outlook and I can truly say it’s made our company even more encouraged to continue to succeed.” — Global Creative Director, Toni & Guy and label.m

“Eliza has an exceptional grasp of what is happening intergenerationally – the Gens X, Y and Z especially. She has complete knowledge of her data whilst being an excellent warm communicator.” — Founder of Editorial Intelligence and Fully Connected

“It is a near impossible feat to talk about millennials or marketing without sounding ignorant or patronising. Dr Eliza Filby is fresh, compelling and relevant. She is able to command her audience’s attention with ease and her insights leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.”

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