Emily Maitlis

BBC Newsnight Anchor

Speaker Themes

  • Politics
  • UK and US elections
  • After dinner
  • Excellent moderator, chair and conference host

Travels from

London, UK


Emily Maitlis is an award-winning broadcaster who presents Newsnight, the BBC’s flagship daily current affairs programme. She is also a key figure in the BBC’s election coverage in the UK and US.

In 2015-2016, she spent 18 months covering the US presidential primaries and presidential campaign, interviewing Donald Trump a number of times.

She won the Wincott business award for her documentary with Mark Zuckerberg, Inside Facebook, and has interviewed numerous figures from the world of politics, sports and the arts – including the last five UK Prime Ministers.

Emily has written for GQ, The Sunday Times and the Spectator Magazine as well as the Guardian, Evening Standard and the New Statesman.


Emily is a highly respected journalist worldwide, known for her incisive interviews and astute analysis of politics, especially in the UK and America.

She’s excellent both in a keynote and after dinner setting, but excels particularly as a conference moderator, interviewer and host.

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